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Since I dyed my hair blonde last summer, I’ve been constantly searching for new and better ways to improve the condition of my parched, bleached locks and keep my hair looking shiny and healthy. Now that I’m thinking about heading back to brunette, the same remains – I need a haircare system that will nourish and hydrate my hair, keeping it soft and smooth as much as possible.

So as you can imagine, I was delighted to receive the new CoCo LoCo range from the lovely ladies at Lee Stafford, to see how it worked for my tough-to-tame hair. I was sent the shampooconditioner and exciting CoConut Balm to try.

First of all, the fragrance is INSANE. So coconutty and warm and just delicious. My whole shower smells of this stuff, and I have been constantly catching a whiff of it all day long in my hair. I’m not even the biggest fan of coconut as a fragrance but this is just too good. So first impressions were great, especially when paired with the pink and gold packaging, which just looks so chic in my shower stall.

I tried the shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with my purple toning shampoo, which I like to use every other wash (I use this one, by the way). I thought it would be a good test as toning shampoo is notorious for drying out hair even more and making it tough to manage, and I wanted to see how the CoCo LoCo collection would stand up.

Turns out, very well. The shampoo isn’t a really bubbly, lathery one, which was weird for me as I’m never sure if it’s working properly if it doesn’t lather up lots. I added more water but it still didn’t go very far, meaning I felt like I had to use more product to get it going. Despite this, it was very easy to rinse and again, that scent made it a delight to use.

The real test came with the conditioner; I tend to favour intense masques and heavy-duty conditioners anyway, never mind when my hair has been bleached, so I was interested to see what CoCo LoCo had to offer on this front. It’s a creamy, thick conditioner that feels super soft but still light, which I really liked. I used two good squirts into the mid-lengths and ends of my hair, and left it on for around three minutes to get it working. Again, very easy to rinse and actually my favourite out of the washing combo I used. A really nice conditioner that I’d be happy to use again and again, it felt luxe and like it was really hydrating my hair.

Once out of the shower, I trialled the CoConut balm, which looks and feels exactly like solid coconut oil, except this has some more added nutrients. You can use this on wet or dry hair as a smoothing agent and a detangler, as well as to add softness and shine, or to tame flyaway hairs. I used a small blob, rubbed it between my palms and ran it through the mid-lengths of my hair, adding a little bit more to the ends. I use this exactly how I use natural coconut oil – less is more. I really liked the balm a lot, my hair felt instantly smoothed and softer, and the ends felt so much more nourished. I’ve also been using this as a night treatment, smoothing some into just the ends of my hair, to keep it looking fresher and healthier for longer.

All three products are packed with coconut oil so you can be sure they’re really helping to hydrate and soften coarse or tricky to manage hair. In case you didn’t know, coconut oil is renowned for providing the essential proteins required for repairing damaged hair, and is able to penetrate the hair shaft to reduce protein loss, while also hydrating and softening the hair.

The collections promises to add softness and shine – a tall order for bleached blonde hair, but I was really impressed with the results. My hair rarely has a shine these days but post-wash and dry, I really noticed a difference in the way my hair looked and felt. Coupled up with the treatment balm, I think this is a routine I will happily use in the long run to ensure soft and smooth, well-cared for hair.

Turns out I might be a little bit loco for the coconut after all!