My New Favourite Fragrance

Stella Pop perfume

Perfume is such a treat for me; it’s one of those luxury purchases that can’t usually be justified, but when the time is right, it’s an unadulterated indulgence. Stella McCartney perfumes are usually one of those huge indulgences for me, but in the sales this year, I managed to snap up the newest Stella scent for a steal, and it’s rapidly become a new favourite on my dressing table.

POP by Stella McCartney is gloriously feminine and unashamedly so, but there’s a darker, sexier undertone to this fragrance which takes it back to classic Stella territory. I should say that my all-time favourite fragrance is the original Stella EDP, with its sensual layers of dusky rose – it’s the sexiest perfume I could imagine.

But POP is lighter, fresher and more girlish, the ideal daytime fragrance.

POP blends tuberose with sandalwood, and picks out specific notes of the two, for an unexpectedly bright, crisp and vibrant scent. For me, it really does ‘pop’!

I love the bottle too; an art-deco inspired pink-stained glass bottle, similar to the classic Stella bottle design, but updated and topped with a bright pink polka dot atomiser. Again, its unabashed in its femininity  and it really stands out against other designs on the shelf for being so contemporary and colourful, yet chic.

The gift set that I purchased also came with a 7ml perfume roller, which is absolutely perfect for travelling and being out and about (and that’s hot pink too!).

Fresh, modern and sweetly seductive, POP by Stella McCartney is one indulgence that I definitely recommend you splash out on.

Have you tried POP by Stella McCartney?

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