New Beauty Buys: Precision Beauty Sonic Facial Cleanser

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You might have noticed that sonic facial cleansing devices are all the rage in the beauty world at the moment; gone are the days of the Clarisonics and scratchy facial brushes, say hello to a whole new world of gentler but even more effective silicone cleansing devices that promise brighter, clearer, softer skin.

While most bloggers are currently singing the praises of the Foreo Luna cleansing ranges, this is a pretty inaccessible product for most of us, at £150 a pop. Luckily, I’ve found a much more purse-friendly version from gold old TK Maxx; the Precision Beauty Sonic Facial Cleanser. For all intents and purposes, this is basically exactly the same as the Foreo Luna cleansers, except it cost just £12.99. That’s quite a saving, right?

The cleanser is a palm-sized pink silicone device, with soft, plush silicone bristles on the front and ridges on the back – one side for cleansing, one side for anti-ageing. It’s battery operated and totally waterproof, so it can be used to remove makeup in the shower as well as part of your everyday cleansing routine. The cleanser works by vibrating gently on the skin, so you can use it with your favourite cleanser and sweep gently over the skin for a minute or two, to gently lift away every last trace of makeup and exfoliate at the same time, leaving bright, clear and smooth skin every time.

The device also has a function to heighten and lower the speed and intensity of the vibrations depending on how deep a cleanse you want, and the back of the device can be used post-cleanse for a relaxing anti-ageing treatment, directing the pulsations at wrinkle-prone areas to reduce lines and help firm the skin.

The best thing about the Precision Beauty Sonic Facial Cleanser is that it’s so easy to use, and even easier to clean. The silicone shell is totally hygienic and means a rinse under the hot tap is all it needs to get rid of the grime, before it’s ready to use again.

I’ve also found that it’s really improved the condition of my skin; my complexion looks brighter and clearer, and I’ve found that skincare and makeup applies better and looks better too. I was using a stiff facial brush before and found that even the slightest over-use left my face feeling red and raw, but the Sonic Cleanser is incredibly gentle even on my sensitive skin.

All round, I’m super impressed with this cleanser and think it’s well worth the purchase – especially at this price!