New Beauty Buys: PURE Spa Skincare

The Style Stories Pure Spa Skincare

We all love that spa experience; luxurious products with sensual scents that leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, when even just a sniff of the oils can transport you back to a candlelit room with not a care in the world. But as not all of us can afford a spa weekend every month (wouldn’t that be the dream?), the next best thing is getting a spa skincare routine of your own to relax with at home, as often as you like!

I was lucky enough to be sent PURE Spa‘s entire new skincare collection to try out for myself; if you haven’t heard of PURE Spa, they’re a boutique chain of spas based in Scotland, renowned for their excellent quality and gorgeous locations – so of course I was delighted to try out their collection at home!

The PURE Spa skincare collection comprises five products: a cleansing oil, a facial spritz, two facial oils and an eye oil – everything you need for a luxurious and effective skincare routine.

The PURE Clean & Glow Cleansing Oil is my new favourite way to remove makeup; it’s a super-gentle oil packed with vitamin E, Omega vitamins and neroli to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin. I pre-cleanse as usual with micellar water and then use this oil on damp skin to properly clean away any remaining makeup or grime, before removing with the PURE Face Cloth, which gently exfoliates as it cleans. It melts away makeup so quickly, including my waterproof mascara, and leaves the skin with that gorgeous spa scent; super relaxing! I’ve also heard that it works amazingly as a men’s shaving oil – but I certainly won’t be sharing this with Lewis!!

Post-cleanse, I’ve been loving using the Refresh & Revive Face Spritz to cool and hydrate my skin – it’s been a saviour in this disgustingly hot and humid weather these last few weeks! Blended with peppermint, aloe vera and lavender it’s perfect for refreshing and cooling down; I also use it to set my makeup in the morning. It will definitely be joining me on my trip to Barcelona next month too; the size is perfect for hand luggage and there’s no way I’m heading anywhere hot without this joining me!

I absolutely love a facial oil; there’s nothing more luxurious and I find that they just work so much better at hydrating and soothing my skin. I was sent both the Regulate & Clear and the Hydrate & Renew facial oils and have been thoroughly enjoying both of them. The Hydrate & Renew has been the one I’ve been reaching for most of the time; it smells absolutely glorious and has been the ultimate treat before bed. It’s a rich oil packed with rose, geranium, orange, macadamia, calendula and evening primrose, plus vitamins and antioxidants, and has been great at soothing my skin and leaving it feeling calm and nourished before I go to sleep. It’s definitely too heavy to use as a day oil for me, but pre-bedtime, it’s so luxurious!

I use the Regulate & Clear oil on the weeks where my skin’s a bit congested and not looking its best, and this oil has been impressive too. Created with ylang ylang, orange and lavender, this one is more of a dry oil so absorbs quicker – perfect for not aggravating angry skin. It works to balance the oils in the skin, plus contains active ingredients to heal blemishes and reduce scarring; the ideal toolkit for an out-of-control complexion.

With both oils, I’ve found that I wake with a lovely glowing complexion that I just don’t get from traditional moisturisers; oils are the way forward!

Finally, I finish my new skincare routine with a drop of the Regenerate & Boost Eye Serum. I’ve never used an eye oil before, usually preferring to stick with lightweight creams in the day and a heavier balm overnight, but this has introduced me to a new world! This oil is particularly potent but doesn’t seem to lie heavily on the skin, so it’s perfect for nourishing the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s made with heavy-duty argan oil (my favourite) and anti-ageing ingredients including retinyl, perfect for plumping up the skin and soothing any fine lines.

I’ve been using the PURE Spa skincare collection for the last two-three weeks and I’ve been loving using it so far; my skin looks bright, clear and smooth and feels super-nourished and hydrated too. With all of the gorgeous aromatic oils, every use feels like a trip to the spa!

The PURE Spa skincare collection is available here. Have you tried anything from PURE Spa?