New Beauty Buys: Nip + Fab Bee Sting Skincare

The Style Stories Nip + Fab Skincare Review

It’s been a good few years since Nip + Fab launched their lauded Bee Sting skincare range, and it’s always been something I’ve been keen to try. When I spied both the Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe and the Bee Sting Fix Eye in my local TK Maxx (where else?) I knew it was finally time to test these products out for myself, and so far, I’m pretty impressed!

First up, the branding and packaging of the products just draws you in – that vivid yellow and purple combination is stingingly bright but just looks so cool on your dressing table, they stand out a mile amongst the generic whites and peaches of my usual products. I usually find that when something is packaged well, I expect it to perform well – so both products had a lot to live up to.

The main ingredient in both products is bee venom, to help lift and firm up skin. This supposed ‘wonder ingredient’ has quite a buzz about it (pardon the pun!) and I’ve been waiting to see its miraculous effects for myself. Alongside wheat proteins and other acids, the Bee Sting range is designed to act as a ‘second skin shield’, actively protecting skin from environmental damage, filling in lines and plumping skin for a fuller, fresher look.

Both products are designed to be used day and night, but so far, I’ve only really used these as part of my pre-bedtime routine. Mostly because I still have a stash of daytime skincare, but also because I’m worried how long it takes to sink in before applying makeup, and I just don’t have time to spare in the morning.

The Fix Cream Deluxe is a seriously thick, rich cream that feels luxurious and almost heavy on the skin. A little goes a long, long way though and for the first few minutes, you can really feel the product on your face as it takes a little while to settle for me. When it’s absorbed, skin feels really plump and soft, and I can see where the ‘shield’ aspect comes from, as it almost feels like a primer over the surface – it definitely doesn’t sink in completely. I’ve found that very quick and gentle application works best otherwise you get a bit of product ‘balling up’ on the skin but overall, once applied skin looks and feels great, making a smooth and almost a sticky base for makeup – perfect for those of us who like our foundation to last all day!

The Fix Eye cream is another seriously dense and heavy product. I’m used to much thinner, lighter, more liquid eye creams, but there’s really nothing fluid about this. It’s a small tub of almost solid golden cream, that takes a bit of work to soften up pre-application. A really tiny dot is all that’s needed as this is seriously rich, but make sure to warm it up between your fingers before tapping it under and around the eyes – its solid texture means it’s easy to drag the delicate skin around the eye area if you’re not careful. So again, it’s a tale of slightly tricky application – there’s definitely a knack to it – but once applied, my under-eye area looks smooth and hydrated, and any fine dehydration lines are filled in and pretty much invisible. It feels super luxurious to apply this before bed but I’d be worried about applying concealer etc. straight over the top of this in the morning.

All in all, I’d say I’m very impressed with the results of the Bee Sting skincare routine. They are both anti-ageing products, which I’m probably too young for to give an accurate overview of their effects, but what I have seen in terms of filling in lines and plumping up the skin is very impressive. Application is tricky and takes a bit of practice to ensure you’re getting it just right, which can be irritating when you just want to get ready in a hurry, but the soft and smooth results are impressive enough for me to overlook that. If you’re looking for a luxurious skincare routine – and you’ve got some time to spare in the morning – the Bee Sting products might just be for you!

Have you tried any Nip + Fab products?