Brunch at Foundry 39

Brunch at Foundry 39 The Style Stories

Like many of us, brunch is considered one of my favourite meals; give me indulgent breakfast food and cocktails and I'm yours forever. Whenever we're in a new city, be that travelling or moving (we tend to do the latter fairly frequently!) one of my musts is to hunt down a fantastic spot for brunch that never fails. 

A couple of weekends back, we had a guest staying and decided to start our day with a brunch feast, so we settled on Foundry 39, which is tucked away behind Princes Street, heading up towards Haymarket. It's not a place you'd necessarily pass but it's definitely worth seeking out.

The decor is everything I like in a restaurant/bar: comfy, chic chairs, Instagrammable tables, cool low-level lighting and a well-stocked bar! When we arrived, it was around 12pm on a Saturday and there were only three other parties in the place, which was surprising given that we're used to London's ubiquitous queues-around-the-block for basically any brunch destination; it didn't give a fair representation of how tasty the food was. Plus, brunch is served there til 2pm, which is an absolute godsend in my eyes - places that finish up their brunch offerings at 11am shouldn't have the cheek to call it 'brunch' - that's just breakfast.

Foundry 39 Brunch Edinburgh The Style Stories

There's a great selection of dishes - it's not a huge menu, but it's pretty comprehensive. Think healthier options along the lines of granola and porridge, classic bacon/sausage/egg options and then moving along into heavenly territory with brown butter pancakes with a variety of toppings. There's also mention of a Marmite hollandaise on one of the dishes, which I'm definitely going to have to go back in to try.

I opted for Foundry 39's brunch offer - any brunch dish and a Bloody Mary for £10, can't go wrong in my eyes. While my fellow diners both went with the full breakfast and a coffee, I chose sourdough toast with avocado, bacon and poached eggs, served with the Smoked Bloody Mary.

I will say that drinks-wise, service seemed pretty slow, but as soon as our food arrived, our drinks were brought over too, so we could enjoy them with our dishes - actually it makes pretty good sense. The coffees were without fanfare, but the same can't be said for my cocktail, which was brought over housed in a glass bell jar filled with smoke and dry ice to infuse. It was quite the spectacle! I personally prefer a really spicy Bloody Mary and this didn't really have the kick for me; I added some extra salt and pepper at the table for a bit of a boost and it was still really tasty, but it just needed that extra heat to be perfect for me.

Food-wise, we couldn't find a thing to complain about. The boys wolfed down their breakfasts without hesitation - always a good sign I think! My companions can both eat a shocking amount of food without second thought, and while the portions weren't in total feast territory, the plates were piled high enough to keep even their appetites sated. I was served the largest piece of toast I've ever seen in my life, along with piles of bacon, half a large avocado and two perfectly cooked, soft poached eggs, with a slab of butter for spreading. It was the perfect amount of food for a decent serving, so I left feeling full but without that sense of heavy regret that often comes with brunch overindulgence!

In terms of the pricing, I thought it was excellent value for money. The bill came to just over £30 for three of us, and all of us felt well-fed and completely satisfied when we left. Service was friendly and attentive and (perhaps selfishly) we really enjoyed that it was so quiet when we visited - although we'll be spreading the word, so I'm not sure how much longer that will be the case!

Have you visited Foundry 39? Where's your favourite spot for brunch in Edinburgh?