New Beauty Buys: Aster & Bay Skincare

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I'm quite a creature of habit when it comes to my skincare routine, especially since my skin seems to be much more sensitive and breakout-prone than it used to be; it takes a leap of faith for me to trust a new brand, and some serious results for me to consider adding it into my daily routine. However, recently I've found a brand that's made me rethink the products on my bathroom shelf: Aster & Bay.

Small disclaimer alert: Aster & Bay are one of the clients I look after, but they have not gifted these products or asked for this review. I just tried their stuff and absolutely loved it - a PR's dream!

Aster & Bay is an American natural skincare brand founded by a husband and wife, who launched the business in the US to great success, and after getting the brand stocked all over the world, decided to relocate to Edinburgh to get the UK launch underway. They pride themselves on using premium natural ingredients, recyclable packaging and creating all of their products to be unisex. 

The whole range is impossibly chic to look at, and every product sounds like a miracle worker, but two products in the range really stood out to me, the Cleansing Oil and the Rosewater Mist. The products aren't cheap, so there is a travel kit option with miniature versions available if you don't want to jump right into full-size.

I'm partial to a cleansing oil when I want a more luxurious, double-cleansing experience and Aster & Bay's doesn't disappoint; it uses Italian lemons and organic macadamia and hazelnut oils to create a light but deeply nourishing oil, that simply melts away makeup. I apply one or two pumps to damp skin and massage in; it lifts away even waterproof mascara and leaves the skin glowing and completely clean. The fragrance smells like lemon meringue pie, so fresh and delicious, almost like something you'd want to eat! My skin has loved the oil and had no reaction to it, so even sensitive skins will get along with it.

Another product that I use daily is a facial spritz, and I've trialled many varieties over the years, with one of my all-time favourites being Jurlique's famous Rosewater Mist. However, I think I've found one that tops it... the Aster & Bay Rosewater Mist, housed in a frosted glass bottle, smells like absolute heaven to rose lovers like me - it's dark and sensual, using dusky Bulgarian roses for a heady scent. The spritz is also blended with honeysuckle (another personal favourite) and pink Himalayan salt, which gives it a crisp edge and stops it being too feminine. The spray bottle allows for a super-fine mist of product, which is perfect for applying over makeup without fear of any smudging. I keep a mini bottle of this on my desk and spritz over my face a few times a day, to rehydrate my skin and refresh my makeup, and it works beautifully to reinstate a fresh glow, without any residue.

If you are a fan of natural skincare, or you're looking to expand your horizons on the skincare front, I'd really recommend Aster & Bay - every product I've tried has been gorgeous, it's receiving rave reviews from the beauty editors I've sent it to, and, if that doesn't convince you, it's seriously Instagrammable. A no-brainer.