A Bridal Beauty Masterclass with Bobbi Brown

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A few months back, I was invited into the Bobbi Brown studio on Edinburgh’s George Street for a makeup masterclass as you may remember - you can read all about it here if not. Whilst I was getting my makeup done, conversation turned to the wedding and my lovely MUA mentioned that she’d like to book me in for a bridal makeup masterclass too - which of course I jumped at!

Bobbi Brown’s bridal makeup classes are internationally-renowned, ever since a certain Kate Middleton was heavily rumoured to have undertaken a class herself before her own wedding day. Ideal for brides that are already pretty confident in their makeup skills, or brides that really know their own styles, Bobbi Brown’s bridal classes give you that extra boost to help you feel completely confident in doing your own makeup for your big day. Going through skincare tips, product recommendations and application techniques, everything’s covered to help you feel cool and calm, and ready to take yourself to the most beautiful version of you.

I wanted to share with you my own experience of the masterclass, as I really enjoyed it and I think it’s a great way to test out both your own skills, and your chosen bridal beauty look. Bobbi Brown makeup is beautiful bridal makeup and the MUAs instore make it so easy for you to feel at ease and self-assured, well before you pick up a makeup brush.

To make the most of your appointment, I’d recommend going in with completely clean skin, wearing something that’s similar in colour to your wedding dress, and styling your hair in a similar way to how you envisage it being for your wedding; you want to see how the makeup looks with all of these elements in place, so that you can judge it effectively. Also, prepare a moodboard if you haven’t already, with your preferred looks in mind - think about the details of the skin, the eyes and the lips, and bring it with you so that your MUA can recommend the right products to help you achieve the look.

My own moodboard is an amped-up version of my everyday look: perfected skin with plenty of glow and a fresh pink cheek, eyeliner and lots of lashes, and a low-maintenance (and suitably Sixties) nude lip. I want to feel like myself on my wedding day, and this kind of makeup is how I feel my prettiest - and I know Lewis loves this kind of look on me too.

My MUA, the fabulous Jessica, started off with some skin prep; I’d only cleansed and moisturised prior to coming into the studio, but for added hydration, she did some extra treatments for me. We started with the Treatment Lotion as I had a couple of lingering blemishes, then prepped the skin with the Hydrating Eye Cream (a must if you want crease-free concealer and shadow all day long) and the must-have Vitamin Enriched Face Base. Suitably hydrated, Jessica finished the prep work with the Bare Glow Illuminating Balm to give my skin some much-needed radiance.

After skincare, we moved on to the eye makeup - Jessica recommended this routine, to prevent eyeshadow dropping on to the foundation you’ve just spent half an hour perfecting. I'm usually a winged-liner-and-go kinda gal, but I want a bit more depth to my bridal look, which I chatted about with Jess and together we came up with a combination that worked beautifully, and agreed that she would create the look on one eye and then challenge me to replicate it on the other. She started with an ivory shadow all over the lid as a base, and then scribbled on the lid with the Stick Eyeshadow in Golden Pink, which instantly became a total must-have for me, it’s the perfect rose gold shade and so flattering. She buffed it in, applied a wash of shadow in Antique Rose and then we moved on to the crease, adding some Cocoa shadow into the crease before pressing on some glitter in the form of Silver Moon Sparkle, for a very subtle flash of radiance that wasn’t too shimmery. She also smudged the cocoa colour under my lower lash line to complete the look. Despite my concerns, I managed to duplicate the look fairly easily, and with a few pointers from Jess along the way, did a fairly decent job of copying her work. We finished with a classic winged liner (using the Gel Liner) and lashings of the Smoky Eye mascara topped with No-Smudge for extra waterproofing.

For foundation, we had a chat about the kind of finish I wanted and the sort of longevity I’d need; the great thing about this appointment is that the product recommendations are entirely tailored to your needs, so that if you do choose to buy any products, you can purchase with confidence. I asked for something with a medium level of coverage, a long-wearing formula and something that still allowed some glow, so Jessica recommended the Skin Longwear Foundation, in the new shade of Neutral Porcelain, with the Stick Foundation (also in Neutral Porcelain) around the nose, cheeks and chin to add some extra coverage. Once buffed in, dark circles were magically erased with the Corrector before concealer was added (we went with the Instant Full Cover for max impact).

Time to set the makeup, sculpt the face and bring back some colour. You can’t be a blushing bride without some lovely pink cheeks, so Jess used the Pot Rouge in Pale Pink (which looks terrifically bright in the pan but dials down to a gentle flush of pink once applied) warmed and then pushed into the cheeks. She then used the amazing Nude Finish Illuminating Powder to brighten the skin and set the makeup, before moving on to bronzer. I normally opt for a pale brown for bronzer, but Jess surprised me by choosing the shade ‘Antigua’ - pink! A pink bronzer?! I was dubious but it was something of a miracle worker - instantly my skin looked warmer and the makeup had more depth, but with no discernible reason why. it was so impressive and I’ve definitely had my head turned. The skin was finished with highlighting powder in Pink Glow to add some gentle luminescence to the overall look.

The finishing touch? Lipstick, of course! I had already explained that I want my wedding lip to be low-maintenance, preferably a soft nude pink, something that would allow my eye makeup to be the star of the show and wouldn’t require constant top-ups or leave smudges all over Lewis. So we went with the semi-matte Lip Colour in Pale Pink, the perfect nude pink, lined with the matching liner for fullness and a crisp edge. I loved the soft pinky-nude shade, but I still think I’ll be going back to pick up the Crushed Liquid Lip in Hippy Shake for my perfect bridal lipstick look!

So, here’s the finished look - I love it! For the day itself, everything will probably be amped up a notch, with extra lashes and some extra colour to show up in the photographs, but the staples of the look are all there - perfected skin, a healthy glow, pink sparkly eyes and lashings of lashes, with a soft pink nude lip to finish. Best of all, I feel like I’ve learned so much from the class, in how to create the smokey eye, how to sculpt the face in undetectable ways, and which shades to pick for my bridal makeup look. I feel so much more confident in my abilities now!


If you’re interested in doing your own bridal makeup but aren’t sure where to start, I’d definitely recommend booking your own Bobbi Brown bridal masterclass. And luckily, the end of April marks Bobbi Brown Bridal Week, with a week of promotions and special bridal content to enjoy, but best of all, there’s some great offers and gift sets available for brides-to-be and your bride squad!

Bobbi Brown Bridal Week begins on Friday 26 April and runs til Sunday 5 May, and during this time period, you can book in for a bridal makeup masterclass of our own. During Bridal Week, you can book in for two 90-minute appointments for £100, which is redeemable against products - perfect if you want to experiment with some new looks! Or if you’re set on the style and just want to learn some professional techniques, you can opt for one session for £50, which is again redeemable against products. Plus, there will also be exclusive gift sets available in Bobbi Brown stores, specifically curated for brides, Mothers of the Bride and bridesmaids, so that everyone can look their most flawless for the big day!

This post was not sponsored and my opinions are my own. I received my masterclass on a complimentary basis in exchange for this post.