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Aesthetic medicine isn't something I'd ever thought much about, to be perfectly honest. I wrote it off as reserved for vanity or the TOWIE-types, and didn't really give it much consideration. But when, in my day job, I started working with an aesthetic doctor, it really opened my eyes to the huge spectrum of treatments available within aesthetic medicine, and the reasons why people may opt for procedures, outside of the obvious. 

But that's the thing; I didn't start working with any old aesthetic doctor. Dr Nestor is one of Scotland's leading practitioners in the field; an expert in various medical fields, he's probably one of the only people I'd consider allowing near my face with a needle! Plus, his Medical Cosmetic Centre here in Edinburgh is the only medical destination I've ever visited that manages to look sleek and stylish and feel comfortable too - definitely no 'scary clinic' vibes here.

Earlier in the month, I was working on a 'Beauty Booster' event with Dr Nestor and his team, to educate the ladies of Edinburgh about the ageing process and the ways in which aesthetic medicine can help with problem areas, including a live demo on the night.

As someone who hadn't ever considered aesthetic medicine (just to be clear, it's not something I'm considering at the moment - I'm 25 and there's nothing about my face that bothers me that much!), the event was a great insight into building an anti-ageing strategy - which I guess none of us are ever too young to start thinking about.

Dr Nestor shared the facts on how we age and what happens to our faces, when we lose everything from bone density to the body's natural stores of hyaluronic acid, which certainly made the audience sit up and listen! He also talked us through the developments in aesthetic medicine and showed us the different ways that fillers can be used - it's not all about anti-ageing, you know. These days, fillers can be used in place of surgery to reshape areas of the face, such as the nose or chin, to give a whole new look without the need for painful, invasive and expensive surgery. One thing that stuck out to me was Nestor explaining that many more women have procedures than we think - it's just that we only notice those who have had bad work done, or too much work. If women and their doctors keep things simple, there is often no way of knowing that they've undergone a procedure - we just walk past, thinking how fabulous they look for their ages.

Then his colleague Dr Lauren talked us through medical-grade prescription skincare and the different issues that can be worked through and solved with the appropriate products. As Dr Lauren has truly phenomenal skin herself, it was incredibly interesting to hear her perspective and learn about the issues which can be solved through skincare alone, without consuming traditional medication.

Dr Nestor The Style Stories

After the facts and a Q&A, it was time for the demonstration. The model - a woman in her early forties - had been assessed by Dr Nestor, and he had decided that the best strategy for her would be some dermal filler in the cheeks, to lift and smooth that entire area, and filler in the chin to create a more structured profile. I was almost uncomfortably close to the model while the procedure was going on, and despite being particularly squeamish about these things, I can wholeheartedly say it really wasn't gruesome at all. A tiny amount of bleeding, a small patch of redness, but no bruising and nothing scary to look at.

In fact, the results were instantaneous - you could see how smooth and glowing the skin looked and how the new shape of her chin had changed the look of her face. The most amazing part was how natural it looked; if I hadn't actually seen the injections myself, I would never have believed she'd had work done. And when I saw her the next day? Still no bruising, no redness, no sign of having anything happen to her face - she just looked great.

So for me, the evening was incredibly enlightening. Through my job, I've learned lots about aesthetic procedures, but to see a procedure up close and to see the immediate results was so helpful. I'm still not thinking about booking in myself, and probably won't be for another 15 years or so, but I definitely feel like it's become something that I wouldn't rule out further down the line - but only in the hands of the genius Dr Nestor, of course!

Have you ever considered aesthetic medicine?