Dreaming of Summer (in September)


Summer doesn't seem to last very long in Scotland, and generally it disappears for weeks on end in August. But usually - and I'm keeping fingers firmly crossed here - it makes a reappearance in September, and we get to enjoy the benefits of an 'Indian summer'. No, I don't know why they call it that either.

You know me, I'm always prepped for any occasion - and that includes summer making a comeback. So when the team at Nivea got in touch to ask me about my perfect summer's day, and how I'd prep for it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

For me, the perfect way to spend a warm, sunny day involves being outside for as much as possible, and having the opportunity to dress up in one of my many under-worn summer dresses - and it involves food and fizz, of course! I'm thinking a champagne picnic, in some beautiful and quiet gardens here in Edinburgh, and a sunset stroll along the beach too - dreamy, right?

We're hoping to have nice enough weather to recreate this day for real later this month, when we celebrate one year until our wedding, so I'm making plans already. As it's a special date day and something precious to celebrate, I know I'll want to look my best all day long, and make sure that my makeup stays put and photo-ready whatever we're up to. I'm planning to prep with Nivea's Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer*, which was a staple of my routine a few years back, and something I've recently fallen back in love with. It's a light gel-cream formula that's unbelievably hydrating, and creates a gorgeous smooth base for makeup to settle on to. I find it works especially well with my combination skin, and as I use a moisturiser to keep hormonal blemishes at bay, my skin can often be a little on the drier side, which this balances out beautifully. I find it helps my makeup stick all day, without pilling or creasing at all - it's a fantastic budget primer and something that I feel works really well all year round, whatever the weather.

And if I'm wearing a pretty little summer dress, I want my skin to be looking its best too. The scent of rose is one of my favourites; it's romantic, heady, enchanting - something that always feels luxurious. So I'll be getting my skin looking and feeling its best with Nivea's Oil in Lotion Rose and Argan Oil*, a densely hydrating but non-greasy moisturiser that transforms dull, dry skin into soft, smooth and silky skin in seconds. Plus, it smells unbelievably good! Using this daily after a shower just gives you that little spa-like sense of luxury, even just for a few minutes, but the results last all day. 

Of course, on any day, hot or not, it's important to wear SPF, so I'll be stashing NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze Tan Activating Sun Lotion* in my handbag to spritz on throughout the day. I'm naturally very pale, so I love the idea that this suncream can help to enhance skin's ability to take a tan, without burning in the heat - I need all the help I can get! 

I can't wait for the end of the month to celebrate our special day - hopefully with a little sunshine, but definitely with my new must-haves from Nivea. How would you spend a perfect sunny day?

This post is in collaboration with Nivea, however it is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.