Five Tips for Getting Your Beauty Sleep


Sleep is arguably the most important aspect of our day, but it's one of those things that's all too easy to let slip down the list of priorities. I bet we're all guilty of crashing out hours later than we should have done, and waking up in the morning distinctly lacking that gorgeous, refreshed feeling that should come after a great night's sleep.

A solid night's rest is something that's incredibly important to me; I get super grouchy if I've not had long enough, or a deep enough sleep. But I've worked out what works for me (most of the time!) to help ensure that you get a relaxing, restful forty winks, and wake feeling fresh and fabulous every morning.

ONE - Create a bedroom sanctuary

Comfort is imperative to a good sleep, and it's all about creating a space that screams sleep - or rather, whispers it softly. Make sure your bed is comfortable, with a supportive mattress and plump pillows, soft bedlinen - the works. And comfortable pyjamas are a must, nothing disrupts sleep like feeling constricted by your choice of outfit. Choose slouchy, oversized jammies that let you move easily. Clear the clutter from your bedroom so that it's a relaxing, soothing environment to sleep in, and try adding a plant or two to the room too; after we brought an enormous peace lily into our bedroom, I found that I started sleeping more deeply. Coincidence? Who knows, but it's doing the trick!

TWO - Get the temperature right

Particularly when it's chilly outside, it can be all too easy to ramp up the central heating and slowly roast in bed all night long - but too warm a room can disrupt sleep and leave you tossing and turning for hours on end. For optimum sleep quality, your bedroom should be between 17 and 21 degrees, but if you're feeling the chill, layer up with soft blankets on your bed that are easy to throw off if needed. Yes, it's tempting to chuck on layers of clothes, a pair of bedsocks and throw a hot water bottle into the mix, but overall it won't help you catch those zzz's. 

THREE - Peace, quiet and darkness

Three key things to ensuring a good night's rest and a refreshingly deep sleep. Wherever you're sleeping, you should pay attention to the surroundings and make sure that the room is peaceful and calming. Quiet is of course a key factor in getting some rest, but if, like many of us, you're in an apartment block or a tenement building, it's not always easy to guarantee total silence. Invest in some soft ear plugs and you'll never look back! Darkness is also incredibly important; we have shutters in our flat now which completely block out the light, but blackout blinds or curtains work beautifully too. If it's not possible to change the window dressings, get yourself a silk sleep mask to create darkness (and feel a little bit luxe too).

FOUR - Ease into sleep

Crashing out into bed, phone in hand, doesn't ensure you'll get anything other than the bare minimum when it comes to quality sleep time. Switch off your phone a few hours before bedtime, or if that's totally unachievable, switch on the blue light filter on your devices so that this doesn't interfere with your brain and start getting your mind working, right when you want to start winding down. We invested in a Lumie light to help us wake up in the winter months, but it's also amazing at easing us into sleep too - when you set the alarm and switch on the light, it gradually fades out over half an hour, gently lowering the room into darkness. Couple this with reading a book instead of scrolling through your phone - reading gently switches off the mind and lulls you into a calm, relaxed state, perfect for a deep slumber.

FIVE - Create a bedtime beauty routine

My final step is imperative in the old 'beauty sleep' part of this post. Incorporating a proper bedtime beauty regime into your pre-sleep routine is a great way to calm your mind and get yourself ready for bed. Take off your makeup using products that you enjoy using, with a hot flannel - take your time, with plenty of deep breaths to help you relax. Before you get into bed, spritz your pillow and bed linen with a lavender spray to help induce a deeper sleep, and while it settles into the fabric, take some time to massage in a gorgeous facial oil. A little pre-bedtime pampering is just what you need to send yourself off to the land of nod.

How do you guarantee a good night's beauty sleep?