Getting Glam with Bobbi Brown Edinburgh

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With my wedding only a few months away, it’s fair to say that I’ve been thinking about makeup quite a lot recently. Makeup for the big day, and how I want to look - but also for the hen, the honeymoon and all of those occasions where I want to be a little bit more ‘done’ than my daily look. And whilst I have a clear idea in my head of what I want to look like, achieving it can sometimes be a little tricky. I’ve been wearing variations on the same makeup look for basically ten years now, and whilst I’m confident in an eyeliner flick or a red lip, it’s about time I learned some new techniques.

So when the lovely Jessica from the Bobbi Brown Studio on George Street invited me in for a little lesson, I couldn’t wait to learn from a pro and get some new tricks and products into my repertoire and onto my dressing table. I am usually a little nervous around makeup artists (a few heavy-handed experiences have left me tense about the finished look) but as soon as I got chatting to Jess, I felt totally at ease and ready for my glow-up!

With a brief to help me get ready for a launch party later that night, Jess asked me a few questions about what sort of look I usually like - the kind of foundation, finish, colours etc. I wanted to give her free rein to flex her makeup muscles instead of me insisting on a polished pro version of my usual look, so she decided on a glowy base, with a bronzed smoky eye and a nude lip, bringing in a few of my must-have elements with a little something different to spice things up.

Here’s how we got the look, with a full guide as to what Jess did and every single product and tool she used to take me from 0 to 100 in 45 minutes…

First up, makeup removal. I’d been at work all day so had a full face of makeup on when I arrived at the studio, but Jess got rid of it in no time. We removed eye makeup with the Soothing Cleansing Oil on cotton pads, then applied it all over the face, massaged it in thoroughly and removed it with a tissue, taking literally all of my makeup with it. The oil smelled like a spa - it’s packed with jasmine flower extract and botanical oils so it’s super gentle, but incredibly effective at melting away all of my makeup. To follow it up, Jess applied the Hydrating Face Tonic, again on cotton pads, all over my face to get rid of any residue and prep the face for makeup. To rehydrate fully, she dotted on a small amount of Hydrating Eye Cream and patted it in; this was a really nourishing cream but also super lightweight, and it made the delicate skin around my eyes feel incredibly hydrated and soft. For moisturiser, the Hydrating Face Cream, which again felt lightweight on the skin but immediately hydrated and plumped up my face (which was feeling particularly parched thanks to the cold weather outside!).

Perfectly prepped, we moved on to the makeup. We started with primer, and to get the radiant finish we discussed, Jess used the Primer Plus Radiance. This is a seriously brightening, pink-toned primer, which immediately illuminated my face without leaving a cast behind at all; it just looked like my skin, only brighter and healthier, without being glittery.

With a smokey eye on the brief, we started with the eye makeup first. Jess started by drawing on my eyelids with the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Bronze, and buffed it in with a Touch Up Brush to soften and tidy the edges. She also buffed the Eye Shadow in Ivory along my brow bone, to add height without obvious shimmer, before moving onto liner. I can’t go without liquid liner; my eyes look so naked without it, so Jess used the Long Wear Gel Eyeliner and a tiny Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush, to define my waterline and lashline, with a tiny flick to finish. There’s a top tip right there - applying the gel liner to the waterline totally transforms your eyes and adds a huge amount of impact without affecting the drama of the finished look. And another top tip coming your way - Jess used the Eye Shadow in Black Plum and the Smokey Eyeliner Brush to gently smudge and soften the black liner, creating a subtly diffused look that was defined without being too harsh. For extra party prettiness, she pressed on the Sparkle Eye Shadow in All Spice with a fingertip, adding a hint of glitter without it being too much, and to complete the eye look, lashings of the Smokey Eye Mascara, which uses a super-black pigment and a stretchy formula, to create intensely-coloured, thick and fluttery lashes that stand out against a dramatic eye look.

With the smokey eye complete, it was time to get the rest of my face party-perfect too. After a quick discussion about foundation preferences, Jess settled on the Skin Foundation Stick (we used Ivory), buffed in with the Full Coverage Face Brush for a beautifully natural, glowy and polished finish. I was a little bit nervous about a stick foundation and a ‘full coverage’ brush, but the combination delivered the perfect amount of coverage without masking my skin completely - I was sold. Foundation buffed in, my under-eye area naturally needed some extra coverage, so Jess applied a layer of the Creamy Corrector in Extra Light Bisque, applying it to one eye first so that I could measure the difference. I have to say, I was blown away by the difference - the Corrector all but evaporated my dark under-eye circles and made the whole area look fresh and bright, even before concealer, thanks to its clever neutralising and brightening pigments. And once concealer was applied - my god. We used the Instant Full Cover Concealer in Ivory, applied with the Full Coverage Touch Up Brush, and I looked like I’d been sleeping for weeks, so bright and fresh (even at 6pm).

By this point, my skin was looking pretty perfect, but also pretty one-dimensional - a blank canvas (apart from my glittering smokey eyes, of course), so we needed to add in a bit of drama and contrast. Jess applied a smear of Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge blush (I think this is a limited-edition charity product, as it’s no longer on the website) to add some colour to my cheeks, and then set my makeup with the Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare, which I am already obsessed with - it’s a soft-focus face powder with a bit of radiance, to give the whole face a really healthy glow without being chunky or sparkly. For definition, Jess used the Bronzing Powder in Golden Light and the Angled Face Brush, to create shape and structure around my face and under my jaw area. It’s honestly made me a total bronzer convert - I loved the way it changed my face shape and gave me some much-needed colour too (winter always washes me out). Jess then applied a little highlight - just a little - with the super-sparkly Pink Glow Highlighting Powder, just on the tops of my cheekbones to lift the whole look, and then set my face with a few spritzes of the Primer Plus Hydrating Spray (which can also be used as a primer pre-makeup).

Just brows and lips left guys, we’re nearly there!

I’ve got naturally quite strong brows so they never need too much work - a brush through, a tiny bit of filling and some gel to set, and I’m good to go. Jess used the Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil in Mahogany to tidy the brows and fill in any sparse areas, and then set the brows and added a touch of extra colour with a layer of the Natural Brow Shaper in Brunette.

And for lips, to finish the whole look, we used a product which might be my favourite of the whole lot - a new product which has just launched this week: the Crushed Liquid Lip in Hippy Shake, my perfect pale pink nude. This is a seriously clever product, giving the look of a liquid lipstick, but with the sheen of a gloss (without the stickiness) and the comfortable feeling of wearing just a lip balm. It packs full coverage but was so comfortable to wear, it actually felt like there was nothing on my lips, but the colour was gorgeous. This is a real must-have for me and I’m definitely going to have to treat myself to this after payday!

And here’s the finished look:

bobbi brown edinburgh.jpg

So, there we have it. 32 products later and we’ve gone from daytime neutral to party-ready, in a natural, glossy and really gorgeous way. No need for false eyelashes or unrealistic contouring - just a really gorgeous way to do wearable, glamorous makeup that you still feel like yourself wearing. I felt so pretty, I totally loved my look (and took a million selfies to prove it), and have kept my face chart so that I can try to recreate it at home.

If you’re in a bit of a makeup rut, or if you want a pro to glam you up ahead of a special occasion, I can’t recommend the Bobbi Brown Studio on George Street highly enough. Jess put me at ease, chatting throughout and talking me through the products and techniques she was using so that I felt like I was really learning - I absolutely recommend booking in for an appointment with Jess, which you can do here. Thank you again Jess for having me and making sure I felt my best for a big night out!

I was invited in for this appointment with Bobbi Brown in exchange for review. I was not compensated and was not gifted any products - this is purely my opinion of a great experience.