KISS x Edinburgh: The Haul


Last week, an invite popped into my inbox that I just couldn’t resist. Lash brand KISS, and its counterpart nail label, imPRESS Nails, were coming to Edinburgh for one night only, to host a party at Tigerlily and introduce the products to a host of Scottish beauty bloggers and influencers. Not being able to resist a glam night out, I immediately accepted the invitation, and brought my best friend Aby along with me to join in the fun.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen how the night unfolded: posing in front of Tigerlily’s dreamy flower wall, cocktails galore and more canapes than I care to remember, all in the surroundings of what is surely Edinburgh’s most glitzy bar. But best of all, we got a little pamper session each, and got to try out some of the products and road test them on the night, to see how they’d stand up to a glamorous evening out.

Aby and I love lashes; we bonded over many hours of trying to put them on back in our uni days, and they’re always something we compliment each other on if they’re looking particularly fluttery and fabulous. They’re the finishing touch to any evening look (or day makeup, I’m not here to judge) so we were super excited to try out our pick of the full KISS collection and have them applied at a pop-up lash bar in a corner of the party.

We both chose the ‘Little Black Dress’ lash; light, fluttery and natural looking, but still with impact, the perfect lash to wear for a girl’s night or a dinner date. They were so comfortable to wear and looked gorgeous, instantly taking my look up a notch - I’m so excited to try out the rest of the range, but more on that later…

Lucky for me, I have pretty good natural nails; they grow in nicely, they’re long and strong, and I’m a bit obsessive about keeping them looking healthy and fresh - so I’ve never actually worn false nails before. But as part of the evening’s events, we got the opportunity to get our nails done at another pop-up salon, and I couldn’t resist trying out a set for the first time.

Being a total nail novice, I wasn’t sure what to expect from imPRESS’s collection of (you guessed it) press-on nails; I probably should have eased myself in and started with some short, natural-looking nails, but instead I had another glass of prosecco and swapped my initial selection for some seriously glamorous, extra-long talons in a shade of soft blush, with a rose gold glitter accent nail.

Surprising myself, I wore mine for five days in total, before deciding to remove them to see how easy it would be (for the purposes of this post), and honestly, I’m wondering why I’ve never gone in for press-on nails before - they’re incredibly comfy and far lower maintenance than I’d expected, plus they make a super-satisfying clacky sound every time I type. Every time I catch sight of my hand I can’t resist giving them a little flutter to twinkle in the light, they look fierce and fabulous and I felt extra glamorous wearing them, like I’d made that next level of effort. They obviously did take some getting used to, but nothing too wild and the glam factor more than made up for having to be a little more careful than usual.

But now we get to the bit that you came here for: the haul. The team behind both brands kindly sent us home with a goodie bag each, crammed full of lashes and nails to try out at leisure. I’m talking 10 boxes of nails, 7 boxes of lashes, plus a stash of clear lash glue. Aby thought Christmas had come three months early, and who could blame her?

As I’ve mentioned, before last week I’d never worn false nails, but seeing as I’ve now got a stash in hand, I think it’s about time I jumped on the bandwagon. ImPRESS kindly gifted me ten sets of nails, including this nude pink set (the natural look I was initially considering!), this fierce nude/holographic/glitter combo and this gorgeous set of pearlescent glitter nails, which I’m already setting aside for my hen weekend next year, they look like perfect glam bridal nails to me!

They’re incredibly easy to use too; you simply prep the nail by removing all polish, filing the edges so that they sit within the shape of the new nail, and buffing the surface to give the glue a slightly rougher base to adhere to. Then, you select the right nail shape for each finger, peel off the backing and simply press on, holding in place for a few seconds until the glue takes hold. You can live life totally as normal with them on, and to remove, you just need to soak the nails for a little while, or pop them in a basin of nail polish remover to loosen the glue, and peel off from the sides. My nails were totally undamaged underneath, which is what I’d been worried about - I simply applied a little more hand cream than normal and spent a little extra time massaging it into the nails, but you’d never know anything was different.

In terms of lashes, I was truly spoilt for choice. KISS specialise in mink-effect lashes, but they’re all cruelty free, thankfully. The faux-mink effect means lashes are super full and fluttery, without being heavy or dragging down the eye - in fact, the lashes I’ve tried so far have been some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, I barely noticed wearing them and at the end of the night, they were very easy to remove. KISS lashes can be reused up to 10 times if you look after them properly, which is fantastic value for money and means you can really get the mileage out of your chosen set.

The selection of lashes I was gifted varies wildly in terms of style - from the natural effect of Bustier, to the flat-out fabulous Opulence, there’s a lash look for every occasion. I’d been seriously considering getting lash extensions for my wedding next year, but was a little worried about damaging my lashes - after road-testing a few sets of the KISS lashes, I’ve changed my mind and I’m thinking that a set of these strip lashes is the only way to go. I can wear them without worry on my hen, and the extra-strong clear glue will surely last through any floods of tears on my wedding day - and then I can pack a set or two for my honeymoon too!

Huge thanks again to the team at KISS/imPRESS for such a fantastic night, I’m fully back on the lash bandwagon and I’m even a false nail convert - who knew?!

KISS and imPRESS are available to buy at Superdrug and Boots.