My Must-Haves for Glowing Skin


When it comes to makeup, I love a good glowy base. Glistening skin with a gorgeous subtle shimmer, radiating with health and almost sparkling from within - is there anything prettier? 

But it can be tricky to find glow-inducing products that give you a radiance that's on the more low-key end of the spectrum; I like a shimmer but it goes too far when your highlight can rival the Tin Man... So instead, here's my hitlist of must-haves when it comes to achieving a gorgeous, natural-looking glow:

I believe a good, natural-looking glow is achieved in layers, built up gradually to achieve the perfect lit-from-within effect that so many of us lust after - so let's start with an illuminating primer. My go-to is L'Oreal's Lumi Magique, a slim tube of white pearlescent liquid that instantly creates a beautiful sheen on the skin. I've been using this for years now and I always come back to it; it manages to create a glowy base and extend the life of my foundation in one fell swoop, which is exactly what I look for in a primer or base. The formula is soft and spreadable, and blends in seconds for quick results.

Recently, I was dazzled by the holographic packaging of L'Oreal's new illuminating primer offering, the Infallible Luminizing Primer. I have to be honest, I was just expecting a repackaged version of the Lumi Magique, but it's a very, very different product. The colour is just the most delicious pearly pink, packed with shimmer (but not glitter!) which is great for pale, rosy skins like mine. The formula is strange and takes a bit of getting used to - it's very thin and runny, but once you start applying to skin, it feels very much like a more fluid silicone primer. However, I can get past the weird formula, because the results are off the scale: this is serious glow. And it lasts and lasts, peeking through foundation and even powder, to create an incredible luminous look to the skin that stays put all day.

After the base is complete, it's all about that highlight to get the glow popping... I dabble with highlighters a lot and can recommend a fair few, but one I always come back to is Topshop's Glow Pot in Polished - a sheeny champagne cream highlighter that just makes skin look incredible. I like to apply a small amount of this to brow bones, cheek bones, the inner corner of the eyes, the bridge of the nose and the Cupid's bow, blending out to create a really lovely, healthy pop of luminescence which can easily be dialled up or down depending on how you like your highlight to look. 

I also really love No7's Highlighter Crayon - not a brand I'd really look to for on-trend beauty looks, but their lovely creamy crayon highlighter creates the most natural-looking highlight, making it ideal for daytime use.

How do you get your glow on?