New Rules: Beauty Resolutions for 2018


A new year is always a great time to wipe the slate clean, and try to build new habits that will gradually improve your life as you go. I've already written about my actual resolutions for 2018, but there's a few new rules I think I could add to my beauty routine too.


I know, late to the party or what. But this is a genuine revelation to me, and one that I am promising myself I will make a part of my daily routine. I always used to double cleanse, but just with micellar water and a face wash. But now I have discovered the holy grail of cleansing, and it is this: the humble flannel. A hot, damp flannel, combined with a luxurious cleansing oil, will melt away every last scrap of makeup and gently exfoliate the skin at the same time, leaving you with lovely clean, bright and soft skin. Plus, it's just a really lovely, relaxing way to remove makeup at the end of the day. 

using a toner

Toning seems to be one of those steps that people skip out on a lot in their skincare routine, but I've really noticed the benefits that a toner has on my complexion. After cleansing, morning and evening, I'm aiming to use the La Roche-Posay Serozinc Mist, the Aster & Bay Rosewater Mist, or on days where I need a little more help, the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Pads. Old habits die hard and I regularly forget to use my toners, only remembering once I've already applied moisturiser, but in 2018 I'm aiming to make it a solid fixture in my regime.

paying attention to my skin and its needs

I think it's really easy to just blindly carry on with your usual skincare routine, using the same products day in, day out, without much thought or consideration. But our skin goes through so many stages each month, and needs different ingredients or different textures depending on how its behaving. I can be quite guilty of just slapping on the same products, but I've noticed that when I do really pay attention to my skin and adapt my regime here and there, I really see the benefits. So I'm going to try and be more considerate of my complexion in 2018 and really assess my skin daily to make sure I'm looking after it properly.

no spot squeezing

We all do it. But it's a bad habit and often leaves me with annoying shiny scars that show through makeup, so no more. I will aim to get rid of spots appropriately; using a hot cloth to bring down the swelling or ease out any icky stuff, and only ever squeeze them if they're crying out for it. Promise.

wash my makeup brushes regularly

Such a boring job, but it needs to be done. I get quite lazy and wipe them down with a baby wipe, removing excess product, but I want to get back into the habit of a proper deep clean once a week. 

a better hair routine

I've mentioned before that I can get quite lazy with my locks, and generally take my hair for granted. But I'm going to try and take better care of it in 2018; buying better shampoos/conditioners, using regular hair masks, limiting exposure to heat, and just generally making a bit more of an effort with it. 

use my luxe skincare

Now I know that it's not just me that saves things 'for best'. Clothes, shoes, skincare - I do it all the time. But skincare has a shelf life, so it's wasteful to leave it until it's likely past its best before you use it. But, bigger picture: it's actually super nice to use special skincare and expensive shower gels or body oils on a random Tuesday night. Why go for supermarket's own if you have a bottle of Elemis stashed in the bathroom?! 2018 is the year of #treatyoself.

What are your beauty resolutions for 2018?