Simple Hair Maintenance, with Lee Stafford Hair Care


If I'm entirely honest, my hair is the area that often falls by the wayside when it comes to my daily grooming routine. I'm very lucky that it's thick and long and often quite shiny, so I have a tendency to get pretty lazy with it. In the mornings, I usually only have time for makeup, so my haircare routine has to be low-maintenance and quick to complete, and for that, I find that it's all in the prep - great products that make my hair easy to manage and quick to style.

I've recently been trialling two new launches from the Lee Stafford Hair collection, and luckily, they've both been instant hits in my haircare regime, and have now firmly embedded themselves as part of my regular routine.

First up, the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub*, which is a pre-wash scalp treatment that aims to stimulate the scalp and enourage hair to grow. I've been intrigued by the influx of scalp scrubs on the market recently, so I was very interested to try this product out for myself. It's a gel formula with tiny pink exfoliating beads, which you apply to wet hair before shampooing, massage in and leave for three minutes, before rinsing out and shampooing/conditioning as normal.

I can't comment on how this scrub improves hair growth, as my hair does grow very quickly anyway, but what I have found is that it's fantastic at removing product buildup, leaving my hair squeaky-clean and super shiny. After the first time I used the Hair Growth Scalp Scrub, I noticed that my hair felt much cleaner than usual, even after washing, was extra-shiny, and had more volume at the roots - my hair is so heavy that I usually struggle to get any height at the roots! I've been using the Hair Growth Scalp Scrub once a week, so around every three shampoos, to eradicate any buildup that comes from dry shampoo, hairspray etc., and I've found that it works in the same was a clarifying shampoo, just to keep hair looking and feeling extra clean and healthy.

The second product I've been trialling recently is the Lee Stafford Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite*, which is a light hair cream that's designed to enhance your natural hair, so you can leave it to dry naturally without worrying about frizz or flatness. However, it also doubles up as a blow-dry cream with added heat protection, so it's a very versatile product.

Now, if you know me, you'll know that there's no way on earth that I'd be leaving my hair to dry naturally, especially not in winter. My hairdryer and I are very good pals indeed. So I've only been trialling the Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite in coordination with my usual blow-dry routine, but it's safe to say that I've been pretty impressed with the results.

This is a very light cream formula, which reassured me as I hate heavy products weighing down my locks, and you only need to apply a small amount through the mid-lengths and ends. I've found that, for me, using the Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite reduces drying time, which is a godsend when you just want to get your hair dried and get into bed. It just seems to soak up the excess moisture, cutting down my drying time and therefore reducing the amount of heat damage my hair is exposed to. As for the finished look, the Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite leaves my locks feeling soft and nourished, and looking shiny and healthy too, with no residue or heavy feeling throughout. It's become a must in my drying routine and I can absolutely see myself replenishing my stock of this when I run out - it's a must for fellow thick-haired ladies!

The Lee Stafford Hair Care range is available at Boots, and if you manage to score a 3 for 2 offer like the one that's on at the moment, I'd also really recommend popping the Sea Salt Crystal Shampoo in your basket too...