Skincare Tips I Learned from my Mum


As you’ll know, the end of March marks Mother’s Day, and this year is a pretty big year for my Mum - she just turned fifty, her first grandchild is expected imminently, and she gets to be Mother of the Bride at my wedding later this year. So Mother’s Day feels a little more special than other years; it’s a year to really remember.

When the team at NIVEA got in touch to ask me to pick some products that made me think of Mother’s Day, I knew exactly what to pick. I’ve grown up watching my Mum take great care over her skin; she’s never been one for makeup, manicures or spa days, but she’s always been very invested in making sure she takes care of herself. I grew up mystified at the bottles and jars in the bathroom that she occasionally let me dip a finger in to, and when she bought me my first ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ kit aged 12, I felt like I’d graduated to her level.

I’d say that these days, I’m far more into it than she is; she’s stayed classic with her failsafe three-step routine, whilst I’ve moved on to acids, retinols, serums, essences, sheet masks and more. I’ve managed to slip the occasional French pharmacy miracle-worker into her regime, but otherwise, she sticks to her tried-and-trusted products, and looks great for it.

So I decided to pick some products from the NIVEA collection that make me think of my mum, with the skincare advice that she’s taught me over the years.

First up - hands. I picked the NIVEA Intensive Hand Cream with Almond Oil, as looking after my nails and hands always makes me think of Mum. She has the most beautiful natural nails that she takes great pride in, and she nagged at me for years when I used to bite mine down to the quick. I stopped that habit several years ago and luckily, I seem to have inherited her talons (which she also takes credit for) and I love looking after them - especially after we got engaged and there were so many ring selfie opportunities to be had! This luxe hand cream is intensive and nourishing without being greasy, and is the perfect first step in a manicure to hydrate the hands as well as the nails - I like to really massage it into my nails and leave it to sink in before applying polishes. I also follow my mum’s advice and pop on a layer before bed too, to keep my mitts soft and smooth.

My mum always uses a day and night cream, so my other two choices were heavily inspired by that. My mum is pretty young but for as long as I can remember, she’s used anti-ageing creams - which must work, as nobody can ever believe she has a 30-year-old son and a 27-year-old daughter (can’t wait til my niece arrives to see people’s faces when she tells them she’s also a nana!). So I chose the NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler day cream, which uses creatine and hyaluronic acid to boost the skin’s renewal system and encourage the development of firmer, smoother and healthier skin. It’s again, a thick formula, but sinks in so quickly and preps the skin perfectly for makeup. I feel that it fills in any fine lines and creates a smooth base that looks and feels super-soft, but it also quenches any thirsty patches of skin (my nose and cheeks in particular!).

I also picked a night cream - something Mum uses every evening. It’s like the luxurious last step before you slink off to sleep, I’ve been known to say that those five minutes are my favourite of the day - when you’re in fresh pyjamas, tucked up in bed with nothing more pressing to do than massaging in a face cream: bliss. I chose to try the NIVEA Q10 Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Sleep Cream, which is a real mouthful but is thankfully much simpler to use than to say. (How luxe does ‘sleep cream’ sound, by the way? So much more indulgent than your regular night cream!). This energising overnight moisturiser uses vitamin C to revitalise your skin whilst you snooze, so you wake up looking rested and bright. Skin working hard whilst you’re snoozing hard? Sounds dreamy… (pardon the pun!). I’m going to gift this one to my sister-in-law as with her first baby due just after Mother’s Day, I think she’ll appreciate anything that will help her look like she’s had a great night’s sleep!

What skincare advice have you learned from your mum?

Post is in collaboration with NIVEA, items have been gifted but I have not been paid for this post.