Summer Body Beauty Prep


As the weather's been warming up here in Edinburgh, I've been dabbling here and there into my summer wardrobe, gearing up to finally show some skin! We've not got a summer holiday booked this year (there is something far more important/expensive that we're ploughing our spare cash into!) but hopefully there will still be plenty of opportunity to make the most of my summer clothes and *finally* get those legs out. 

In preparation for the great unveiling, I've ramped up my skincare routine with a hitlist of fabulous products that will ensure my skin is looking and feeling its best all summer long...

I think a thorough exfoliation is key in the lead-up to the summer months; your skin will be exposed after months in virtual hibernation, so a good scrub is just what it needs to get the circulation moving and the texture looking spot-on too. The MBotanicals Uplifting Sugar Scrub (discontinued, but the updated version with geranium essential oil is available here), is a fabulously gritty scrub, with great slip, that's perfect for gently sloughing away dry and flaky bits, leaving me with soft and radiant skin. I find it's particularly effective on the backs of arms and the thighs, and is ideal for banishing patchy sections if you're planning on tanning later on.

In the shower, it's so important to use products that reinstate moisture, so you don't step out of the water feeling parched. My current favourite is Elemis' Sweet Orchid Shower Cream; packed with soothing and hydrating ingredients, this luxurious shower gel makes every day feel like a spa day! It's ideal for pre-summer prep, when you need to amp up the moisture levels and take things to the next step in a flash, as it instantly rehydrates skin, ensuring that by the time it comes to moisturising, your skin will still feel fabulous and plumped-up.

For satin-smooth skin, I am obsessed with another Elemis product; this time it's Elemis' Frangipani Monoi Body Cream, which smells absolutely beautiful! Plus, the super silky formula is ultra-nourishing; ideal for creating a smooth, even canvas for that all-important summer glow.

Speaking of summer glow, my final step is that perfect finishing touch. I am naturally incredibly pale, with purple undertones to my skin, so in the summer I can look a little ghostly (or just plain unwell), especially seeing as my skin doesn't seem to take the sun anymore. So these days, I love to add a subtle flash of colour to any exposed areas, for a really natural-looking finish. My current favourite is Rimmel's SunShimmer Instant Tan in the Matte formula, in Medium. Gone are the days of the uber-glittery SunShimmer that I'm sure we all used back in our uni days; this new and improved formula is definitely matte, and very natural-looking. A small dollop on a tanning mitt and within five minutes, I have a lovely golden glow that sets off my summer style a treat! Plus, it's a wash-off formula, so no rank orange sheets...

How are you planning to prepare for the summer?