The Perfect Speedy Base

makeup revolution fast base foundation concealer review

I really love the act of putting on my makeup in the morning. I love it so much that I put makeup on most days, even when I don't plan on leaving the house or having people over. I just love the way it makes me feel and the transformation between me at 7.30am (tired, dark-eyed and pale) and 7.50am (bright-eyed and ready to face the day). 

But the key thing for me when it comes to makeup, especially on weekdays, is speed. I like to take my time with application, ensuring everything is blended out beautifully, taking care over choosing shades of blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick, and if left to my own devices, I could easily while away the morning buffing and blending. But that's not an option on weekday mornings, so I need something that can create the kind of soft, glowy base that I like, with enough coverage to even out my skintone and cover any dark areas or blemishes, in as little time as possible.

Enter a new find for me: Makeup Revolution's Fast Base Foundation Stick. I bought this on a total whim a couple of weekends ago, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much. I've never really enjoyed using foundation sticks, and at £5, I assumed it wouldn't be particularly good.

How wrong I was.

This is a creamy, medium coverage foundation that creates the kind of fresh, dewy base that I love, in seconds. A quick swipe across each section of my face, bounced into skin and blended out with a damp beauty blender, is all it takes to achieve dreamy, creamy skin. I've tried blending it with fingers as well and that looks great too, but the damp beauty blender is key to super-fast application I've found. The shade range is super impressive (I use F3, fair skin with pink undertones) and the stick packaging makes it handy to take on the go, for touch-ups - not that I've needed to replenish this yet, the staying power is particularly good too. 

I've also found another product from Makeup Revolution which makes seamless makeup application a breeze; their Conceal & Define concealer, which offers a lightweight formula with surprisingly full coverage. I use shade C3 for under my eyes and on any blemishes or areas of redness, and C5 for light contouring and shaping, again blended out with a damp beauty blender. The finish is matte without being dry or cakey, and the formula is extremely long-wearing. The enormous doe-foot applicator takes a little bit of getting used to, but it allows you to apply a good amount of product without dragging the skin, especially around the eyes. Again, I'd presumed that this wouldn't live up to the hype (it's just £4!) but two weeks in, I've been using it every day and really enjoying the finished look.

So there we have it, the two products that help me to create a fresh, flawless base in record time every morning - have you tried these products from Makeup Revolution?