Interiors Moodboard: The Kitchen

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Mugs: Marks and Spencer. Dining Set: IKEA. Serving Platter: TK Maxx (not online).
Measuring Cups: Anthropologie at John Lewis. Cutlery: Marks and Spencer.
Cafetiere: John Lewis. Marble Jars: House of Fraser.

The kitchen, the heart of the home, right? In the months where the sale of our flat was progressing, we managed to convince ourselves that the kitchen was no good - it was cheap, it looked bad, it would need ripping out and replacing in its entirety. So imagine our surprise on moving day, when we realised that actually, it was a very nice, very new and entirely functional kitchen that didn't really need very much doing to it at all. It was a relief, to say the least, and meant we could get straight on with living in and loving this very important part of our new home.

The kitchen is white, with grey worktops, and a weird stainless-steel panel that runs along the walls - this is the only thing that needs ripping out and replacing, ideally with some nice fresh tiles. Many of the rooms in the flat are already working on a theme that involves white and grey, so we won't be changing much in here - just adding pops of colour via accessories and kitchenware. We decided to go with accents of mint green and gold, along with the grey and white, to give a fresh feel but retain a little bit of luxe.

Mint green kitchenware is surprisingly hard to find on the high street, so we're still searching for certain pieces - I'm thinking egg trays, salt-and-pepper grinders and possibly even tea canisters, but so far we just have these lovely little green M&S mugs - I'm hoping to add nice green espresso cups to the mix too. At this point, I'm thinking the main hint of mint will come from tiling with mint metro tiles, but we're yet to fully decide on that - knowing me, I'll change my mind at least four times before we eventually head to the tile showroom.

In terms of the gold, there are lots of gorgeous gold pieces on the market, if you're looking to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen. We found gorgeous marble and gold accessories in TK Maxx, and stumbled across bargainous gold cutlery in Sainsbury's, which makes every plate of good look irresistibly Instagrammable, especially against the backdrop of grey crockery from IKEA. 

The kitchen is a work in progress; until we get around to repainting, ripping out the steel and popping up tiles, which probably won't happen until the Spring, we're just working on getting it looking the way we'd like with accessories, for the time being. And plenty of plants always helps to get things looking bright, fresh and inviting!

What do you think of our plans for the kitchen?