Interiors Moodboard: The Living Room

the style stories interiors moodboard wishlist living room inspiration.png

Blanket: IKEA. Paint: Valspar at B&Q. Light Pendant: IKEA. Sofa: DFS.
Marble Table: French Connection. Rug: IKEA. Planter: Zara Home

Now that we're (finally) in our new flat, the real fun can begin - the decorating! I have been pinning away like a maniac for the last couple of months since the sale was confirmed, so I wanted to put my ideas together and create moodboards for each room, to make sure I don't get too carried away with grand ideas...

The living room is going to be the first room that we tackle - not that there's much to do. The flat was previously rented out, so everything is very clean and stripped-back: plain white walls, sanded bare floorboards. We have gorgeous original Georgian wooden shutters, sash-and-case windows and a shelving area known as an 'Edinburgh press', but the rest of the room is a blank canvas - it just needs some personality.

I want to go cosy but cool with this room, so we've settled on a colour palette of soft greys with deep blues and flashes of gold, to look fresh and modern, but still complementing the warm wood of the shutters, the floorboards and our sideboard.

Our taste is pretty 1960s, so we want to tap into this, without making the flat look like a vintage store. We have an original 1960s G-Plan sideboard, so to work alongside this, we chose a gorgeous midcentury-inspired sofa, with teak wooden legs that matches the sideboard, upholstered in soft, dark blue leather. We intended to purchase the French Connection Zinc sofa, but we were put off by two factors: its crazy price and the fact that literally everyone has this sofa now. The Axel, our final choice, seemed like a great alternative and was around half the price of the Zinc in the sale. 

The rest of our interiors choices will play up to the 'midcentury modern' theme, with a cool geometric-style rug and cosy printed blankets and cushions, and the furniture staying in sleek, pared-back shapes. Lewis wants a side table that fits over the arm of the sofa, so he can tap away at the laptop, and this cool marble-topped one from French Connection fits the bill perfectly. We're also loving having lots of plants in the flat, and this beautiful planter from Zara Home would make a great statement piece for a big, beautiful peace lily or something similar. 

We haven't even really made much of a start on the living room yet, but as we have some free weekends before our sofa gets delivered (another month to go...!) we'll have plenty of time to get the walls painted and start prepping for how we're going to pull the room together - keep an eye on my Instagram for progress, and of course stay tuned for more in my series of moodboards!