One Year On: An Update on the Flat


Can you believe that we moved into our flat one year ago today? I don't know where the time has gone - in some ways, it feels like we have lived here for so long, but in others it feels like only a couple of months ago that we went to collect the keys. 

Back in this post, I shared some plans for the flat and how we wanted it to look, but a year on, here's how we've been getting on:

The Living Room

When we moved in, I made a series of moodboards for each room - you can check out the one for the living room here. This is actually the room where we've stuck to the moodboard the most I think; we have the sofa, the throws, the bamboo light fitting and even the paint from our list, so it's a pretty accurate representation of the finished look.

The living room was the first room that we finished, in a bid to get it feeling cosy before autumn set in properly last year. We chose a warm, light grey for the walls ('Hinkypunk' by Valspar, which appealed to my Harry Potter obsession) and freshened up the skirtings, cornicing and door frames with white paint. We've kept the wooden floorboards exposed and they work beautifully with our existing furniture. We added a cosy, deep-pile monochrome rug from IKEA, and a scattering of cushions, including some burnished copper velvet ones that bring the orangey wood of the floor, windows and sideboard back into the room.

Over the year, we've also managed to accumulate a beautiful 1960s vintage dining table (still need nice chairs though!) and an antique gold bar cart too, which is one of our favourite things in the room. There's flashes of gold throughout the room; from the Tom Pigeon prints on the wall, to our 60s-style spherical mirror and the brass/marble floor lamp, to our general accessories (we have gold vases, plant pots and various knick-knacks scattered about) which ties the room together. It's my favourite room in the flat and it really feels like 'ours'.

The Hallway

The living room might have been the first room to get finished, but the hallway was the first to be painted. When we moved in, one wall was deep burgundy and it felt so dark and oppressive that we painted it bright white within three weeks of getting the keys. It made such a huge difference! We added a chevron monochrome rug and matching light fitting that we already owned, and kind of left it for a while. We've since added a shelf, mirror and some artwork, but there's still a few finishing touches - we really want a full-length mirror at the far end, for last-minute outfit checks, and we also want to put some wallpaper on a section of the wall which has an old engraving on it - it's not particularly pretty and we've lived with it for a year now, so it's time for that to go. 

The Bathroom

The bathroom has arguably had the biggest transformation of the whole flat. When we moved in, it was cramped, yellow and dingy, with varnished floorboards, oppressive cupboards on the back wall and an ugly sink. Over the first few months in the flat, we worked to make it a much nicer space to be in, and now we love it. A couple of coats of brilliant white paint transformed it, and then we decided to paint the lower third of the wall in a deep grey, to add drama to the space. We changed the two dank light fittings for one daylight bulb and suddenly, the windowless room felt light, bright and airy. Lewis took the cupboard doors off at the back of the room and we turned this into open shelving, where we have styled our essentials so that everything looks a little more put-together. We also laid a cool patterned floor to cover up the shiny floorboards, and swapped the bulbous sink for something much sleeker, with a built-in cupboard too. Add in a few fake plants, a print or two and it's like a totally different room!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is where our progress comes tumbling down, as - apart from buying and fitting a new oven - we've really not done anything to the room. Last year, we had grand plans to rip out the top cupboards, take off the stainless steel splashbacks, paint the walls and add a new floor, but we just haven't gotten around to it. The time living in the space as it is also proves my earlier point that you should live in a space for a while before making big changes; a year on, we really like the space that the cupboards give us, so they're staying, and we actually like the kitchen being so bright and white, it feels clean. We do still really want to do something about the silver splashback, but instead of ripping this out, it seems more likely that we'll cover it with some kitchen-specific adhesive vinyl, in a nice marble or tile-esque print, to jazz it up without having to do too much work. We really do need to put down some flooring though - wooden floorboards just aren't practical in a kitchen, however pretty they look.

However, if you looked at our moodboard and our kitchen, you'd think we've done a pretty good job - and we have, when it comes to the accessories. We now have matching green and grey crockery, sleek gold cutlery, a gold cafetiere and even a hexagonal marble chopping board, as per the moodboard. Thanks to getting engaged, we also have a huge amount of lovely glassware now too, so things are feeling pretty fancy on that front. I think it's the accessorising that has given the kitchen our personality; we have lots of nice wooden chopping boards arranged, matching jars and pots, and our cookbook collection is on display too. Let's check back in another year from now and see if we ever manage to tick anything else off of that inital to-do list...

The Bedroom

Admittedly, our bedroom moodboard was a retrospective one, so there's not much that you won't already know. Pink, white and grey was the scheme, with flashes of copper and gold where we could. A year on, we never did give it that fresh lick of white paint, but I'm now thinking about adding some colour into the room, in the form of a pale sage green on the headboard wall (something like this would work beautifully!), but we haven't decided on this yet. We added some shelving, in the form of a slim picture shelf above the bed, and three hexagonal honeycomb shelves down the side wall, dressed up with pink accessories. 

We never did get that rattan chair, mainly because the space was taken up by Gilda, our enormous diva of a peace lily. I love her, and she's actually helped the room feel calmer, but my gosh she has gotten quite large. We're also updating the light fittings, with yet more copper cage lights, to create more of a chandelier-style statement light fitting rather than the solitary one hanging in such a big space. The bedroom still feels so calm and peaceful, but with our personalities thrown in, so I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.

Let's check back in next year! x