Year in Review 2017: The Highlights

the style stories 2017.JPG

2017 has been a really good year, as it goes.

The last couple of years have really been some of the most stressful and difficult and eye-opening I think we might ever have, so it's been really lovely to just have a period of time where we could relax and ease into our new lives here in Edinburgh. 

That's not to say it's been a sleepy sort of year - far from it. In fact, I wanted to put together a little highlights reel, as there's been so much to love this year - I can only hope 2018 has as much happiness to offer...!

Personal highlight of 2017… Purchasing our flat in Edinburgh. It was a long, often arduous process, but when we finally got the keys, it felt just right. It was the final piece of the puzzle to help us feel truly at home in our new city.

CORRECTION: This blog post was written and scheduled before Christmas, when buying our flat was definitely the highlight of 2017. However, this has since been usurped by a last-minute addition to the highlights reel - on our eighth anniversary, December 28, I got engaged! We are absolutely over the moon and so excited about what's to come, I can't wait to share the wedding planning process in 2018 and beyond...! Sneak peek of the action here.

Professional highlight of 2017… I was promoted in February this year, which of course was fantastic, and really helped me to feel secure in the fact that I'm actually pretty bloody good at my job. I also decided to rebrand and relaunch my blog in 2017. I've written more about it in this post, but this year I finally felt like I had outgrown the previous incarnation of my blog, and decided to take the plunge and start afresh. It has easily been the best decision I could have made for myself when it comes to this little corner of the internet; already, just eight months in, The Style Stories has allowed me to meet so many new people and enjoy a lot of opportunities that I never would have imagined I'd have been offered so soon.

Favourite travel experience in 2017… We visited Paris again in May, and it was just gorgeous. A few days away with loved ones to introduce them to our favourite city was a wonderful way to celebrate the start of Spring. 

ANOTHER CORRECTION: The trip to Paris in May was incredible, but then we only went and had a second trip there this week - the place where we got engaged. My favourite travel experience of my life, never mind of 2017.

Album I played on repeat in 2017… Haim's Something To Tell You has definitely had quite the rinsing this year! 

The TV show I loved in 2017… Oh god, so many. I was obsessed with Taboo, but then of course there's The Crown, and Catastrophe was incredibly funny. 

The best book I read in 2017… Emma Cline's The Girls was just so, so gripping. I loved every word; it was so illustrative in its writing. If you haven't read this yet, I highly recommend it.

Favourite fashion moment of 2017… I think it has to be spending a Saturday waltzing around Edinburgh in a pink sequin skirt....

Most surreal moment of 2017… Walking down the aisle in April at my brother's wedding. It felt like an out-of-body experience to see him waiting at the end of the aisle, knowing that he wouldn't be able to stop crying once he saw how beautiful my new sister-in-law looked. And so many eyes staring as you walk - such a weird experience, but so, so lovely.

CORRECTION #3: Getting engaged, 100%. Just in case I hadn't mentioned it already...!

My favourite restaurant of 2017… I think my favourite place for dinner this year would be Les Editeurs in Paris; we went there for dinner in May and had the most incredible meal and the most gorgeous evening, I loved every second.

My wishes for 2018… Continued health and happiness for myself and my loved ones; more time to spend with the people we love the most; the opportunity to make many more happy memories.

It's been a very eventful year, and I'm so looking forward to 2018 - we have the first wedding of our friendship group to celebrate, lots of reasons to spend time with family and friends and hopefully plenty of opportunity to do some more exciting things too. 

I'd also like to take this opportunity to get a little Gwynnie up in here, and say a huge thank you to every one of you reading this post - it's hugely appreciated, and I still get a thrill thinking that people enjoy what I write. I hope you stick around for 2018, I think there's going to be plenty to share - Happy New Year to you all x