A Floristry Masterclass with Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart and Bloom & Wild

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If you're even remotely into flowers, I'm sure you'll already be familiar with Bloom & Wild. Now the UK's most popular online florist, Bloom & Wild are renowned for their cleverly-structured bouquets which can be posted through your letterbox, meaning no more waiting around for inconvenient deliveries. I'm a huge fan of Bloom & Wild, and they are always my florist of choice when a bouquet is required.

And if you're really into floristry, the name Nikki Tibbles will need no introduction. A legendary florist, with customers including Kensington Palace (i.e. The Royal Family - swish!), Chanel, Claridge's and Christian Dior, Nikki Tibbles is an icon with an unrivalled eye for breathtakingly beautiful floral arrangements - from bouquets to full-on installations, as part of her business Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart

In a fabulous move, Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart has launched a collaboration with Bloom & Wild, which comprises three truly beautiful bouquets: Autumn Mornings, Woodland Walk and Red Skies. All of the bouquets have been designed to encapsulate the spirit of autumn, using seasonal colours and blooms evocative of the most picturesque season of all. 

Luckily for me, Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart and the Bloom & Wild team recently came to Edinburgh, to host an exclusive flower workshop in the gorgeous surroundings of the G&V Royal Mile Hotel and share more information about the new collaboration between the brands. I was lucky enough to attend - and it really was the most gorgeous way to spend an afternoon (especially with the fabulous lunch and the delicious Daffy's Gin cocktails on offer too...)!

the style stories nikki tibbles wild at heart workshop bloom & wild

I had the opportunity to recreate the most popular of the Wild at Heart collection's bouquets: Red Skies. This is an incredibly opulent bouquet - a real showstopper, in fact. It features a plush mix of vintage hydrangeas, astrantia roma, hypericum and blueberry roses, in a palette of rich reds, deep purples, luxurious hot pinks and, of course, plenty of beautiful foliage. It's no surprise that this is the most popular bouquet so far, it's absolutely captivating. Wouldn't you be thrilled if that was delivered to your door?!

Tasked with creating the bouquet from scratch was no mean feat, but Nikki and her wonderful florist Robyn from Wild at Heart gave us a thorough demonstration, and were on hand for guidance the whole way through. I had a Saturday job in a florist's way back when I was 17, but my gosh, this kind of floristry is on another level. Taking a bucket filled with 30 stems and transforming them into the kind of bouquet that sent every woman I passed all heart-eyed - not easy. But after a good half an hour of twisting, placing and inspecting from above, my bouquet was complete, tied off and packaged up for me to take home (and pop pride of place on my sideboard, natch).

the style stories edinburgh blog nikki tibbles wild at heart bloom & wild

Learning the tricks of the trade from Nikki was fantastic; floristry is always something I've loved the idea of, but, despite my wee Saturday job back in the depths of 2008, it was never something I thought I was particularly good at. But thanks to Nikki and Robyn, I feel that I've learned a few nifty techniques that should help me to transform even the blandest bunch of supermarket blooms into something wonderful - I've shared them with you below:

  • To create the beautiful domed shape of the Wild at Heart bouquets, use one hand to hold the bouquet and one hand to add in new flowers, twisting the stems gently as you go.
  • Trim your stems every few days, and change the water daily - this will extend the life of your flowers.
  • A very handy tip - use a sterilising tablet in your vase to ensure that water is completely clean. This is especially handy if you live somewhere with hard water!
  • Before assembling your bouquet, strip all of the leaves off of the stems that will sit below your 'gathering point' or the water line of the vase - foliage in the water rots and kills the flowers quicker.
  • Popping sugar, vodka or just about anything else in the water won't help your flowers live longer!

I had a fabulous time learning some new tips, and came home with the most gorgeous bouquet that was definitely inspired by Nikki's creation - it's certainly not a dead ringer but I'm very impressed with it. Now to try my hand at dreaming up my own design - wish me luck!

If you love the idea of an autumnal bouquet for yourself, you can shop the Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart collection for Bloom & Wild, including the Red Skies bouquet, here.

Thank you to Beeline PR for the invitation, and to the G&V Royal Mile Hotel and Daffy's Gin for looking after us so well - and of course to the Bloom & Wild and Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart teams too!