April Highlights


April’s been incredibly busy. So much has happened that the time seems to have lost all meaning… I can’t believe that all of these things happened in the same month. There’s been fun little evenings and gorgeous weekends, tiny little rays of sunshine and one thing that’s been completely life-changing, so it’s certainly been a month to remember!

So, here we go…

The birth of our niece. On April 10, we were made an auntie and uncle for the very first time, with the birth of beautiful little Phoebie, my brother’s first child. It was just monumental, and of course it’s changed our family forever. I’ve been so excited for her to be here for months now, basically since they first told us in September, and to finally get the first photo of her all tucked up in her little hospital cot was wild. WILD. I just about burst. I’ll tell you more about meeting her further down the list…

A weekend with the in-laws. Early in April, we took the train up to Montrose and spent a weekend with Lewis’s mum and stepdad, which I couldn’t have needed more, to be honest. It had been a rough couple of weeks and I was so looking forward to spending time with them, and it was heaven. We haven’t really gotten everyone too involved with our wedding plans up until this point, as we didn’t really want to burden anyone with making things or finding things etc., so it was really lovely to sit down with my future mother-in-law and share with her our plans now they’re all solid. I got to show her our menu (as our resident vegan it was very important to us that she had some fabulous food to enjoy, and our caterers have totally smashed it on that front), our plans for flowers, the bridesmaids’ dresses and a couple of other things - whilst leaving lots to still be a surprise on the day - and she showed me her outfit. It made me so excited for the day, which is now less than five months away (eek!), and it felt so special to have so much excitement and love around our wedding.

A catch-up with Aby. Also early in April, I went for an impromptu wine date with my bestie/bridesmaid Aby, to have a bit of a vent, a bit of a laugh and generally a fabulous time. We went to Copper Blossom for a glam vibe, sank a few large glasses of wine and a platter of calamari, and toddled off home only slightly worse for wear… Even when your best pal only lives across the street, it can be tricky to find quality time together but I’m so glad we did. As I’ve alluded to, it’s not been the easiest few weeks but to have so much love and support from people that are so close to me meant the world.

Being asked to be a bridesmaid - for my bridesmaid! Very, very early in April, I got a video call from my bridesmaid Kirsty - who was supposed to be enjoying a quiet week away in Harris for the half-term. I was so surprised to hear from her, and even more surprised when she showed me a brand-new sparkler on her left hand! The most gorgeous, exciting news - which was made even more gorgeous when she asked me to be her bridesmaid for her wedding next year. Honestly, this month has been filled with so much love, it’s just so special.

A weekend in London, and meeting our niece. Probably the highlight of my year so far, I can’t lie. We’d booked trains to London a few months ago, timing it so that even if my sister-in-law was overdue by the maximum time, the baby would still definitely have arrived by that weekend. And of course, she had, a whole ten days before our trip. Walking into their house and seeing Phoebie for the first time, all curled up in her little moses basket - I’ll never forget it, and of course that first delicious cuddle, just beyond words. It was the most surreal, amazing feeling meeting her, and luckily she seemed to like her auntie and uncle very much! We spent the whole Saturday with my brother, sister-in-law and the baby, sitting out in the sunshine, having plenty of cuddles and taking some photos that I think we’ll all treasure. We even got to pop back on the Sunday morning for a last few snuggles before heading into central London for the day, where we had a gorgeous time in the blazing sun, enjoying things we haven’t done in what feels like forever - a lush brunch and afternoon cocktails - and a lovely walk around before jumping on the train back to Edinburgh. It was a weekend I’ll never forget, that little lady has changed my life! I love her so much already, I can’t wait for more snuggles again soon.