August Highlights

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August has always been one of my least favourite months; it's a bit like purgatory for me. Summer's usually been hanging around for too long by now (or as in the case of summer 2018, promptly ended around August 2nd) and it feels like one long month where I'm desperate for autumn to begin, for it to be cool enough to unearth the knitwear from the back of the wardrobe and don a pair of boots once more.

August is particularly tricky if you live in Edinburgh, where the Fringe takes precedence and whips life into a frenzy for a month. It's a long month of inordinate bus queues, people with suitcases everywhere and in our case, our tenement stair has been transformed into a hotel for Airbnb'ers for the entire duration - not the most fun you can have.

But I don't want to moan on too much, as this August has definitely had its perks, and we've kept busy with plenty of lovely plans and things going-on, to distract from Fringe chaos and ease us into September - my favourite month and this year, an extra-exciting one as it marks the one-year countdown until our wedding! - here's what we've been getting up to...

Spending Time With Family. This was a really important one for me, and a really lovely way to start the month. We travelled north to spend some time with my grandparents, who live in a very remote location, making this the first time we've seen them since we got engaged. To spend a whole day with them both, sharing our news and showing off the photographs, talking about wedding plans, was just so special. We also took a day trip to St Andrew's with Lew's mum, dad and sister which was very unexpected, unplanned and a lot of fun!

Spending Time With Friends. August has also been a great opportunity to spend lots of time with our friends; as much as the Fringe is an enormous pain in the ass when you live here, it does mean that everyone wants to come over to Edinburgh to experience it for a day or a weekend (and then go back to Quietsville - not jealous at all...). So this month, we've managed to see many of our friends - from drinks in perhaps the only quiet bar left in the city centre, to climbing sodding great hills, to having pals over for prosecco and long catch-ups, it's been a lovely month for quality time with the people we love the most.

Having A Whole Week Off, And No Solid Plans. Aside from travelling north for two days, we had absolutely zero plans for our week off at the start of the month, and that was the best possible course of action. I think both of us had quite full-on Julys work-wise, so it was amazing to just spend a week zeroing in on rest and relaxation, lazy mornings in, lethargic afternoons and not much else - and not feeling bad about it. We both enjoyed our time off so much and went back to work feeling much fresher and ready for the season ahead, so I think I need to do the same in future and not feel bad about not packing the calendar full - sometimes, time off really needs to mean it, in every sense.

Afternoon Tea With My Bridesmaids. If you've read my last post, you'll already know about my afternoon tea extravaganza (head to my Instagram to win your own!) but for those not in the know, I celebrated the first official meeting of my bridesmaids and I last weekend, with delicious afternoon tea at the Apex in Edinburgh's Grassmarket, with the most incredible castle views. It was so lovely to see new friendships being made and, of course, to share some little details about our day.

Visiting Our Venue. A big thing, so big that we actually brought it forward by a month - we couldn't wait any longer! If you've been reading my 'blogging bride' series on Braw Brides, you'll know that we opted for a wedding venue that isn't finished or open yet. Gulp. So with around a year to go, we headed over on Monday to check in on progress and have our first meeting with our fantastic coordinator. Thankfully, we left feeling super excited instead of worried - there's still a lot to do but even with the bare bones in place, it's easy to see how amazing the finished space will look. Only thirteen months to go guys!