Cosy Autumn Candles

The Style Stories autumn candles

Is there anything better than cosying up with a cup of tea, a big blanket and a great book when autumn rolls around? Well, yes, there is actually - add a gorgeously fragrant candle to the mix and you've got yourself my dream night in, folks.

I like having a suite of scents on hand to burn, depending on everything from my mood to the weather outside. In summer, it's all about fresh, floral fragrances or invigorating lime and basil scents - but in autumn, the only way to go is with rich, velvety and warm fragrances.

My current candle of choice for our living room is this gorgeous Chai candle from Sand + Fog, a US brand with the most beautiful aesthetic. I picked this up in TK Maxx for about £8, which was an absolute steal in my opinion. You can also get their candles from Amazon in the UK - they are definitely worth the extra effort to hunt them down! I am a bit of a candle snob and will choose them based on how they look as well as how they smell - and with this one's navy frosted jar and elaborately embossed lid, it was a no-brainer. It smells warm and comforting, with hints of cinnamon spice, without being overly festive or Christmassy. 

I also picked up a smaller Sand + Fog, in Ocean Mist, which comes in a Scandi-esque white frosted jar, again with their signature carved lid. This one is fresher and cleaner, as you may have guessed, and makes the perfect backdrop for our bedroom, where I like things to feel cleaner and more revitalising - it makes waking in the morning much easier!

In terms of other fragrances perfect for autumn, we have a few random ones (again from TK Maxx - great for shopping, not so much for sharing) that really hit the spot. One is a Pumpkin Maple Spice - I'd look out for fragrances like this if you want to create a really cosy feel at home this autumn. It's like having a PSL every day! And I've also totally fallen for a few fragrances from handmade candle company, MBotanicals - their Rose Oud is just divine, so heady and romantic, a really gorgeous dark rose scent. And their new Sour Plum candle feels like the perfect antidote to autumn blues; its sparkling but warm, fruity scent is soothing and invigorating in equal measure. Plus they're all vegan-friendly, so they make great gifts too.

What candles are you burning at the moment?