February Highlights


February was one of those months where you just want it to go away. Every week brought something new and stressful, in terms of the wedding, work and family life too - it was relentless and exhausting and actually, not that much fun. I spent a lot of February feeling quite down in the dumps about a few things, but thankfully the fog has cleared and things are looking a lot brighter for March.

Despite the stresses, there were definitely more than a few lovely moments to enjoy in February, and plenty to brighten up even the gloomiest of my moods. It’s just as well!

So here’s the highlights that kept me going in one of the most stressful months of recent memory…

Having our wedding cake tasting. One of the more exciting elements of wedding planning, everyone told us, was the cake tasting. We both love cake (so unique, such snowflakes), so we wanted to find a baker that could make something pretty and delicious for our wedding day, for a not-unreasonable cost. It doesn’t sound difficult on paper, but in reality, it’s a lot harder to find than you’d think. After being quoted something in the region of £600 for a non-iced cake to feed 50 people (I wish I was exaggerating), we decided to go off-piste and try to find an indie baker who could make all of our cake-based dreams come true without sending our budget into oblivion. Step forward Moonbow Bakery, whose creations are as gorgeous to look at as they are to eat. We had a fabulous meeting with Katie, who owns Moonbow, and took home a plump box of cakes to try - safe to say it was definitely one of the more relaxed elements of wedding planning! Now we have our cake decided on and booked, another major task ticked off of the planning list.

A candlelit yoga class. I live near to Eastside Yoga, a new yoga studio in the New Town of Edinburgh, and recommended it to my bestie without ever having crossed their threshold myself. Six months later, she’s a dedicated thrice-weekly yogi there and I’d still never set foot inside. That all changed when Aby told me about their candlelit yin yoga class on a Sunday evening; I couldn’t imagine anything more relaxing. So I registered for my one free trial class (such a good idea!) and trotted along with my mat, to enjoy one of the most deeply relaxing and restorative hours of recent memory. I enjoyed it so much that I’m definitely going to sign up to their intro pack of five discounted classes, and then look into membership after that. Yoga is really good for my head space, especially with so much going on in my life at the moment, so I think it’s a necessary luxury to keep me feeling balanced and calm.

Buying our wedding rings. One of the most symbolic and meaningful bits of getting married - the rings! I knew pretty much straightaway what kind of ring I would want, to match in my with engagement ring, but Lewis needed a bit more time to get a feel for what his new piece of bling would look like (thankfully, not blingy at all…). We decided on which ones we’d like a few months ago, before Christmastime, and left it for a while to make sure that we still liked them after a period of reflection. We opted to go back to the jewellers at the start of the month to collect them, after they kept calling me to make sure I still wanted mine - it just needed to be another thing to get off the list. Thankfully, we still loved them when we tried them on again, so we made it official and then headed off for some celebratory cocktails!

On that note - I’d read a blog post from someone before saying how there are very few things in wedding planning that really feel like an occasion. So much of wedding planning is done sat in front of the laptop, scrolling through emails or filling in spreadsheets, there’s not too much time to make the process feel special (although of course it is.) So we decided early on that when these rare situations do crop up, we’d make the most of them - and I’m pleased that we’ve stuck to our word. Every venue visit has been accompanied by a glass of wine afterwards, finding my dress was toasted with espresso martinis, and when I have my makeup trial in a few months’ time, that will be hallmarked with a big night out (part celebratory, part practical - got to see how long it lasts!). We’re planning to continue this right the way through to the end of our engagement, it’s the best way to make the most of such a special (if often very busy) time in our lives.

An event with Miller Harris perfumes. One of the most legendary British brands there is, I’ve always admired the elegance of Miller Harris. I remember seeing a photograph of one of their iconic etched bottles when I was about twelve years old and thought it was the height of glamour - so my inner twelve-year-old was very excited to be invited to a trunk show with the brand at the end of February. I met with the team there and learned so much about their collection of fragrances, including the new EDPs inspired by Brighton Rock and Tender Is The Night - two of my favourite novels. I was even lucky enough to leave with a bottle of the fizzy and fresh Coeur de Jardin EDP, which is definitely my new signature spring scent!

On paper, it sounds like February was actually a lot nicer than my opening paragraph made out… It just goes to show, you have to look on the bright side of everything. There was lots to get stressed and upset about last month but focusing on the little things that made life fun are the lasting memories. Here’s to a fabulous March!