Hosting a Beau-Tea Masterclass with Eteaket

the style stories eteaket edinburgh tea beauty masterclass.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to host a beauty masterclass by tea aficionados Eteaket, at their gorgeous Rose Street concept store. But this was no ordinary beauty masterclass, oh no. Specifically themed around tea and all of its wonderful benefits, I was there to speak to some of Edinburgh's teens about incorporating different kinds of tea into their daily grooming routines, blending into everything from face masks and spot treatments to hair rinses.

The girls first worked with Lucy from Eteaket to create tea-infused bath bombs, selecting their favourite loose-leaf teas to create sweet-smelling treats. Even I would have been at a loss as to which tea to choose, when there was everything from luxurious Strawberries & Cream to the super-refreshing Perfect Peppermint to choose from. 

Once the bath bomb making was over, there was time for us to enjoy Eteaket's delicious, limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte, complete with creamy foam. A much healthier alternative to the famous Starbucks PSL, this tea-based version was just the right combination of warm, spicy and soothing - autumn in a takeaway tea cup!

While we were enjoying the tea, it was time for me to step up and share my own tea-based beauty recipes. I showed the girls how to soothe swollen, tired eyes using Chillaxin' Chamomile teabags, and shared with them a hack for reducing the pain and prominence of spots, using Gunpowder Deluxe Green Tea. We spoke about steaming pores using the power of black tea, and I gave them a recipe for a nourishing matcha face mask, using the Mighty Matcha powder, mixed with cinnamon and honey. Finally, we talked about colouring your hair naturally, using a tea rinse depending on your colours. 

The girls took home teabags to try out the recipes for themselves, and we had a great time talking about different ways to make tea a part of your daily routine. Who would have thought your Breakfast Blend cuppa could help to keep blackheads at bay?!

Thanks again to Eteaket and Leopold + Frida for asking me to share my advice, I had a fantastic time. And if you are interested in tea, both for your skin and your soul, I urge you to pop along to Eteaket's Rose Street store, where you'll find more tea varieties than you'll know what to do with!