January Highlights


It feels like forever since I’ve done a monthly highlights post! December’s went by the wayside as I did my yearly review instead, but I’m back with a bang for January. It’s been one of those months that seems to have dragged on forever, so I’m pretty glad that it’s February now - I’m definitely ready for lighter mornings, brighter days and (hopefully) warmer weather at some point soon, I’m kinda over fleecy tights and thermal socks now.

January’s been pretty busy in some areas and pretty low-key in others; it’s probably been our last ‘quiet’ month before the wedding so we’ve made the most of some slow weekends where we could, gotten lots of planning and admin done, and just enjoyed plenty of cosy evenings in. There’s been some big celebrations too, don’t worry, I haven’t gone all hermit on you just yet. Here’s what made the highlights reel from January…

Celebrating the start of our wedding year. This was an amazing feeling! We started January as we usually do, at a house party with our best friends, but unfortunately I was pretty unwell, so I didn’t have as wild a NYE as I normally do. I stayed up until the bells though - I couldn’t miss seeing in the start of our wedding year with my fiance! We celebrated with some 2019 balloons (of course), plenty of champagne and singing, and then I sloped off to bed whilst everyone else stayed up and partied. I am so happy our year is finally here - I always felt like we would get married in 2019, as it’s our ten-year anniversary too, so it just all feels like it’s fallen into place. I can’t wait for all of the lovely things we get to do this year!

Lewis turning 30. This isn’t just a big year for us a couple - it’s also Lewis’s 30th birthday year! His birthday is in mid-January, which I think is perfect timing for brightening up a month where everyone seems to want to stay home. I planned a surprise trip away for his birthday, but before we went, I also organised a surprise mini-party with all of his family at our flat so that we could all celebrate together. It was such a lovely evening with lots of food, drinks and laughs - I even made my first vegan birthday cake! - and it was gorgeous to see my lovely man so loved and so cared for. I can’t believe I live with a 30 year old though…!

A weekend in Dublin. As I mentioned, I planned a surprise trip to celebrate Lewis’s birthday, and opted for Dublin, as I knew he was really keen to visit. I booked it back in November and had been treading on eggshells ever since, as Lewis mentioned booking cheap flights to Dublin several times over the course of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day… Thankfully I managed to fake enough resistance to the idea that he didn’t! We had the most fantastic time; we stayed at the gorgeous Dean hotel, which is undoubtedly the nicest place we’ve ever stayed, and had a wonderful time exploring the city. I’ve actually written a city guide sharing what we got up to, but you’ll have to wait until March, when it’s published in Hood magazine… (also go get your hands on a copy of the Jan/Feb issue if you can, I’m in it again!)

A facial at The Balmoral. Just after we got back from Dublin, I went along to The Balmoral in Edinburgh for a facial, which you can read all about here. It was just what I needed and my skin was very grateful; I don’t know about you but in the midwinter, my skin just looks dull and dry, so it was in need of some serious TLC. The facialist worked her magic beautifully and I left with nourished, hydrating skin and got my glow back! Highly recommended as a little treat to perk yourself up in the gloomy, darker days.

A makeover at Bobbi Brown. Oh, I really got spoiled this month! Last week, I went to the Bobbi Brown studio on George Street, to enjoy their ‘Get Party Ready’ masterclass with the lovely Jess (you can read all about the full experience here). It was such a treat to be totally pampered for a change, and I got to preview some of the new SS19 launches from Bobbi Brown too - I definitely have a few new favourites that I need to go back for. I have always been nervous about having my makeup done, as I often feel like I don’t look like ‘me’ at all, but this was a wholly different experience to any I’ve had before, and I felt fabulous afterwards. If you’ve got a special event coming up or you just fancy someone else doing all the hard work for a change, I really recommend booking in for one of the masterclasses, it’s a great experience and I learned a lot of new techniques, plus I just felt really pretty - what’s not to love?!