June Highlights


June has been such a fun month, but it's also felt like one of the longest ever. When I was putting this post together I was thinking about the events I could include, and went to discount a few as they felt so far away, to my head they couldn't possibly have happened in June. It's been an incredibly busy month and once again, pretty wedding-heavy, but it's been so much fun and there's been so many exciting things going on too.

Here's what went down in June...

Buying My Wedding Dress. I mentioned in my last post that I thought I had found 'The One' and was planning a trip back to the boutique to try it on again. At the start of June, my bridesmaid and I went along after work and I spent an hour twirling around in it, but still didn't take the leap. I let it brew for the entire month and then last week, I went ahead and booked another appointment, this time to pay the deposit. The wonderful shop owner made me try it on again, just to be sure, and I loved it all over again, so I went ahead and now it's mine, it's happening and that's what I'll be wearing. I am so relieved to have such a huge thing ticked off - if surprised that I've managed to do it months ahead of schedule!

Party Prepping. More on the actual event itself in a sec, but June played host to our engagement party, and prepping for it was just so much fun. I really enjoyed the hours of scanning Pinterest for decoration ideas, and the shopping for cute bits and pieces too. I baked brownies and sourced a doughnut wall, and a new outfit, and we had the most fun a couple of hours before the party setting it all up. The excitement of getting everything ready for everyone to see was almost too much!

Ticking The Boxes. This month we have literally fired ahead with wedding plans! You can read more about how we're getting on in this post, but in a nutshell - my anxious mind couldn't have coped with waiting it out to source vendors for the wedding - it's on a weekend in peak season and these things get booked up so far in advance, I just wanted to be able to have our first pick of suppliers wherever possible. So this month we secured a celebrant, a videographer and caterers that we adore - and now, we can just relax and ride out the summer, thinking about honeymoon plans instead of researching vendors for a change...

An Early Birthday Present. After 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' came out last month, I moaned quite a lot about how I'd never seen Arctic Monkeys live and how I really, really wanted to - so one massive highlight of this month was Lewis surprising me with an admittedly very early birthday present (my birthday isn't until the end of July!) - tickets to see Arctic Monkeys headline TRNSMT in Glasgow! I'm writing this ahead of time, but by the time you read this I'll have seen them and hopefully have had the best time - we went to TRNSMT last year to see Radiohead and it was so much fun, so I'm super excited about finally seeing AM live too. 

Our Engagement Party. I'm probably going to go a little overboard on this - apologies in advance. Our engagement party was just so much fun, the most brilliant evening and a week or so on, I still feel quite emotional about it. Our friends and family travelled so far to celebrate with us, and they went all out - we were so overwhelmed with the love and effort people showed us. After weeks of worrying about whether everybody would have a good time, the party really did go off and everyone had so much fun - I probably had a little bit too much in fact, with the night ending in a club at 3am... Everybody who made such an effort to celebrate with us, to shower us with so much love and so many beautiful gifts, to send us all the hilarious photos - thank you all so much, we really love you guys and we'll remember it forever.