June Highlights


Whoops, somehow we’ve gotten to halfway through July and I forgot to share with you all some of the fun things that went on in June! Blame the wedding-brain…

June felt like a landmark month for me, weirdly. I remember last June being a huge month for us - check out proof of that here - with me buying my wedding dress, booking our celebrant and hosting our engagement party, and all of those things being linked to ‘this time next year’. I knew then that by the time this June rolled around, we’d be looking at just three months left before our wedding, so I’ve kind of spent all year waiting for that to happen and for everything to feel really ‘real’. And it does! Here’s how we’ve been marking the occasion…

A Day at The Pitt.

As you’ll be reading about very soon, we spent one sunny Saturday in June at our local street food market, The Pitt, courtesy of The Scottish Street Food Awards. An abundance of food and drink tokens each meant that we could completely forget about the wedding diet (as if there is one, lol) and go crazy for the food. I particularly loved a couple of the stalls, and it was so lovely to be able to spend an afternoon doing nothing but eating, drinking and having a great time in the sunshine. I love a street food market (it was something we loved doing when we lived in London, and they are insane there!) so it was a real perk to be able to experience so many of the stalls for free - and very handy whilst we’re strictly saving up too.

Marking 100 days to go

I don’t actually remember if we did anything on this particular day, but seeing as I remember when the wedding was 600 days away, reaching the 100 mark felt really quite spectacular. We’re now around the 80-ish mark and it’s all feeling so incredibly exciting! It now feels like we can get really buzzed about the honeymoon too, as that’s so close, immediately after the wedding, and we’re so looking forward to just having a few weeks of pure celebration and relaxation.

Visiting our venue (twice)

As you’ll no doubt know by now, if you’re a regular reader here, but when we booked our wedding venue, it was a literal building site. A complete shell of a building, with a roof, brick walls and literally, nothing else. Something about the vibe of the place still managed to convince us that it was the place that we wanted to hold our wedding, and we were the first couple to book it, all those months ago. Cue a year of very nervous worrying and anticipation as the building works took longer than expected, problems arose, plans changed and then - the first wedding happened, and it looked gorgeous. Exactly as we’d hoped. We’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit twice for meetings in June, and the relief of seeing the venue as we dreamed it would be is just unbelievable. We are so happy with our choice - we know others have had their doubts about its suitability but now it’s all done, we couldn’t imagine anywhere we’d like better to be tying the knot. Can’t wait to share the pics with you all!

A weekend spent in Aberdeen

We haven’t managed to head home to Aberdeen since Christmastime, so a visit was well overdue when we drove up on the last weekend of June. We’d been invited to the birthday/wedding celebrations of our best friend’s parents, who are renowned for throwing a good party, and we wanted to take the opportunity to visit family and do the rounds at the same time (as well as drop off the last bridesmaids’ dress at my bestie’s mum’s house to do the final alterations). It was a gorgeously hot and sunny weekend, despite the thunderous downpours that occurred mid-party, and we had the best time catching up with everybody, having a drink and a dance and a fabulous time, knowing that the next time we’ll see everybody will be on our own big day. It was also the ideal opportunity to visit Lewis’ granny, and my auntie and little cousins for some playtime too.

Giving notice

The most exciting day! On the day that marked three months until the big day, we had an appointment to go along to the Glasgow registrar’s office and give notice of our marriage. Really, it’s just a bit of admin and a quick meeting, but it felt monumental - we’re making it official, we’re really getting married and the wedding is on! For real! It just felt really special, amazing to be able to share with the whole world (or just those interested in who’s getting married in the Glasgow area in the next three months), that we’re doing this and we’re committing our lives to each other.

Ok, soppiness over - for now…!