March Highlights


I wrote last month about what a stressful time February had been, and how I hoped that March would bring something new to the table. In some ways, it has, but in others, there’s been more of the same, which has been a little tough to take. But I’m nothing if not an optimist, so once again, we’ll be looking on the bright side for the month of March - these are the bits you want to remember anyway!

Marking six months until our wedding. A landmark that felt like it would never come, at the very end of March we ticked another month off the calendar. The weeks and months are passing us by so fast at the moment, but we’re still very organised and on top of things, and still managing to handle everything between the two of us without having to burden anyone else with tasks and to-do’s. We’ll see how long that lasts…

A bridal beauty masterclass. Despite me not planning to do my own makeup on the big day, I’m still very interested in what makeup I will wear and how it will all look - so when Bobbi Brown Edinburgh invited me in to try their bridal masterclass, I jumped at the chance. It was a lovely opportunity to road-test my makeup moodboard and see how it all looked, and thankfully I loved it! I feel very confident in my choices now I’ve seen them applied to my own face, and I’m looking forward to honing in on the details in the next few weeks before I start with proper trials and making final decisions. Keep your eyes on the blog in the coming weeks, as I’ll be sharing details of the experience and telling you all about a very special event too…

Spending time with friends. It’s been a bit of a solitary month in that we haven’t seen many people in the past few weeks. We’ve indulged in some quiet weekends, just the two of us, and just generally enjoyed the excuse to spend whole days in sweatpants without having to get all dressed up (although still with a full face of makeup, of course). But the time that we have managed to spend with friends this month has been just the tonic to some stressy days - Aby’s birthday called for an evening of chatter and catching up that was much-needed on a blue Monday, Alanna popping round for a wine (and ending up staying the night) was perfect timing, and we spent a boozy Saturday afternoon (and evening) with Kirsty and Ross too - very lucky to have such good friends!

A date night dinner. Whilst planning, we don’t go out as much as we used to (although we don’t do too badly!). I was offered a dinner at New Chapter in mid-March and gladly accepted, we love a midweek date night dinner and it’s a restaurant I adore, and Lewis had been looking forward to trying. I’ll be posting a review of the meal in the next few days, but before I do, I should tell you to just book a table here for whenever you can - I’m certain you’ll love it!

Getting our photos taken. Like most couples, Lewis and I don’t really have ‘proper’ photos of us together - 90% of the pics that exist of us are selfies or snaps from nights out. I love them, every one of them, but I thought that with the wedding on the horizon, it might be nice to document this special time with some photos that aren’t snapped on our phone - both to have as a memento of our engagement, but also as a bit of a practice run to see how we fare before the wedding, when there’s really only one opportunity. I am lucky enough to work with the incredible Aleksandra, and she was kind enough to head out with us one gloriously golden Sunday evening a few weekends ago, to have some photos taken. I don’t usually love the way I look in pictures (it takes a few shots to get the right one, we’ll put it that way) and I generally feel quite awkward in front of the lens, but Aleksandra made it so easy and we are so thrilled with the results. She’s a total gem and even though this isn’t her usual kind of thing (she’s a wonderful fashion and portrait photographer by trade), she made it effortless, easy and actually really, really enjoyable.