May Highlights

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At the risk of sounding like one of those people, how on earth is it June already?! Christmas feels like five minutes ago and here we are, halfway through the year - 2018 is giving me serious blink-and-you'll-miss-it vibes. 

So, seeing as there is so much going on, I thought I would start a new monthly series here on TSS, looking back over the previous month and bookmarking my fondest memories. This year has been a pretty memorable one so far, to say the least, so hopefully this new series will help me to keep track of what is likely to be one of the busiest years of life so far.

So without further ado - May was always going to be a fun month, and I'm so glad that it lived up to expectations and beyond. It's been a pretty wedding-heavy month but it has been incredible amounts of fun (and the bonus of two bank holiday weekends always helps too...)

A Girlie Weekend. The first bank holiday weekend in May marked my lovely friend Joanne's hen party, a big night out in Glasgow. I'd known about it for a little while and fully embraced the opportunity to turn it into a girlie weekend with some of my best pals. I stayed at my gorgeous bridesmaid's beautiful flat and we did the full getting-ready-together routine that I've not enjoyed since university days. We had a wild night, it was the most fun and has potentially convinced me that my own hen party might not need to be as tame as I was initially planning... And the next day, breakfast in PJs, watching Friends on Netflix and talking wedding dresses - does it get better?!

Finding 'The One'. Yep. I might have accidentally found my wedding dress. Already. I went for what I pitched as a 'research trip' with two of my bridesmaids right at the end of April, to a bridal boutique in Edinburgh, with a dress in mind that I really wanted to try on, and the idea that trying lots of different styles would help me work out if what I thought I wanted actually looked any good. And so I tried it on (along with about ten others), and I felt really, properly amazing. So much so that I had to put it on again after I'd tried on the rest, just to see if it still felt amazing. It did. So I've spent the whole of May thinking about it, and next week I'm off to try it on again and make my final decision - so exciting!

A Day In The Countryside. A couple of Sundays back, one of my lovely friends hosted a charity cinema screening up at Comrie Croft, in the wilds of Perthshire. It was the sunniest, warmest day and the whole event was just lovely - plus we got to see our closest friends, some of the family and catch up with people we've not seen for a few years. And there was so. much. cake.

Enjoying The Spring. Honestly, May has been pretty gorgeous in Edinburgh (with the exception of the past week), and it's just been so, so lovely being able to get out every weekend and go for long, long walks, or pop out after work and sit in a pub garden with a big glass of rosé. I'm not really one of those people that crave the summer and warmer weather (I never know what to wear, for one thing), but it has been a gorgeous way to while away the hours.

The Best Wedding Ever. Last Friday, our gorgeous friends Iain and Joanne got married, and it was just the most magical day. 13 of us all stayed with the groom the night before the wedding, in the coolest Airbnb, and started the celebrations early on the wedding day with a champagne breakfast. And despite the normal teasing about tears, we were all weeping by the time Joanne came down the aisle (looking so beautiful, by the way!). It was a day that was so full of love - I had the best time and have made some wonderful memories with my favourite people in the world. And now it's us next - pressure's on...!