My Christmas Wishlist

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been sharing with you my ideas for gifts for just about everyone you know and love - but now it's my turn. It's very easy indeed to get sidetracked when you're shopping for other people, and find trinkets and treats you want for yourself - and it's even easier to forget all about them when someone inevitably asks "And what do you want for Christmas?".

So, family, friends, loved ones - no need to ask me, everything I've got my eye on is below...

the style stories christmas wishlist

Print: Oliver Bonas. Wild Embers Poetry Book: Waterstones. Jumper: M&S.
Perfume: Gucci. Balm: Glossier. Cookbook: Waterstones. Jewellery Box: Oliver Bonas.
Rose Quartz Coasters: Various.

My hunt for artwork is far from over, but my eye does keep getting drawn back to this beautiful pink and gold gilded heart print. It would look beautiful in our bedroom!

I adore poetry, and Wild Embers by Nikita Gill is being described as the new Milk & Honey, by Rupi Kaur (which I'd also quite like to get my paws on, Santa - please and thanks). 

Christmas isn't Christmas without a festive jumper, and what could be more festive than a red and gold, sparkly number? I'd pair this with a velvet pleated skirt and wear it to sit around the Christmas dinner table. 

Perfume feels like too much of a luxury to purchase for myself, but I have no qualms in popping it on a wishlist - and my fragrance of choice for Christmas 2017 is the lavish Gucci Bloom, which smells like pure heaven to me. Fingers firmly crossed that I find this under the tree...

Of course, like 90% of the population, I've been swept up in the Glossier hype. And no product appeals to me more than the Birthday Balm Dot Com - a soothing multipurpose balm, softly shimmering and scented like birthday cake. Need I say more?

My love for Nigella knows no bounds - so of course her latest cookbook, At My Table, is on my list.

My current jewellery set-up is less than organised, with everything placed on ornate stands - it looks pretty, but it's easy for things to get tangled and look a little messy. This pretty brass and glass jewellery box would keep everything organised and ensure that my dressing area would look sleeker and tidier.

Finally - who can resist a little rose quartz? These beautiful coasters would add a touch of luxe to just about any room, and I just love them. They're entirely frivolous and I care not a jot.

What's on your Christmas wishlist?