November Highlights

Image courtesy of Archer and Olive

Image courtesy of Archer and Olive

November has, in some respects, felt like one of the longest months of the year so far. When I started drafting notes for this post, going back through my diary to see what we’d been up to, I couldn’t believe that some of these things were only a couple of weeks ago. Our weekend away feels like it happened back in September! So it’s safe to say it must have been a pretty busy month - here’s my best bits…

A Weekend in Dundee. We started the month off with a little mini-break, travelling up to Dundee for the night. I was contracted to do some blog content for the Apex Hotel’s winter wedding fair, and the hotel very kindly put us up for the weekend in a beautiful room. Neither of us had really spent much time in Dundee before (in my case, I’d only ever been to the bus station on my legendary cross-country National Express coach tours between London and Aberdeen), and since the city’s had so much regeneration recently, it felt like a really lovely time to properly explore. Whilst we were there, we visited the new V&A Museum, hit up the hotel’s spa for some serious relaxation, and went to Dundee’s most popular new restaurant, Daisy Tasker, as well as going to lunch and to the wedding fair with Lew’s mum and stepdad too. It was a fab weekend and so much fun, and as we haven’t really been able to do much in the way of holidays this year, it felt so refreshing to just get away and enjoy some time out too.

Tasting Our Wedding Menu. Yep, there might still be ten months to go, but the tasting is ticked off the list! It was something we weren’t expecting to have to do so soon, but actually it was really lovely to do something very tangible with our wedding plans - it made it feel really real. We’ve been discussing for months what kind of food we wanted to serve, and working with our caterer (the literally amazing Bespoke), we’ve pulled together a menu that we’re really excited about giving to our guests (and enjoying ourselves, of course). It’s filled with food we love to eat and always order, but best of all, every dish looked and tasted wonderful. From starting with a completely blank canvas, to a full menu with actual themes and meanings and connotations for us, is actually a really lovely feeling. I didn’t think I’d feel so excited about the food, but there are elements that have real meaning for us and now it’s become one of my favourite things about the wedding so far. Now it’s just trying to decide which dishes I’m actually going to order - I have no clue how I’m going to choose…

A Weekend with My BFF. Somehow I managed to finally squeeze in a bit of girlie time this month! We’ve had it planned for an age, and so a few weekends back I headed over to my lovely friend and bridesmaid Kirsty’s house for a cosy night in and a chilled Saturday. We ordered in takeaway, drunk a lot of wine and fizz, had the best chats and ended the night singing the full version of Bohemian Rhapsody to each other. And on the Saturday, we drove into Glasgow for a cosy lunch and a meeting with the makeup artist/hairdresser I’ve booked for the wedding, which was a gorgeous way to spend the afternoon. We don’t often get to hang out together just us two, as we both are guilty of having manic diaries all the bloody time, but whenever we get together, I always have the best time. Friends that you can just entirely be yourself in front of are the best kind of friends.

Booking Our Honeymoon. We’ve made a decision - flights are booked, hotels are organised! Can’t wait to share more details but it’s going to be fun, fun fun…!

Showing My Wedding Dress to My Mum and Nan. Last weekend, I flew back to London for a weekend with the family, so that I could show my mum and my nan my wedding dress. I found a boutique near where they live that sells the same dress, so we booked an appointment and headed along. It was gorgeous trying it on again - I love that dress more than anything I’ve ever worn in my entire life - and, thankfully, they loved it! There were tears and lots of gasps, so it’s safe to say the dress is a success. I can’t wait to put it back on again next year!