Sunday Lunch at The Lioness of Leith

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As far as I'm concerned, a Sunday hasn't lived up to its true potential unless you spend a hefty portion of it cosied up in a pub, devouring a delicious roast dinner. Even if you're only spending £15 or so on said dinner, it's one of those activities that feels entirely decadent and luxurious - and therefore perfect for whiling away the hours.

Recently, we spent a Sunday afternoon around the Leith Links, ostensibly for the purposes of flat-hunting, but of course with such a strenuous activity, appropriate refreshment is pretty much a need, rather than a want. After hearing rumours of a decent cocktail, we decided to head over to The Lioness of Leith, on the corner of Academy Street, and accidentally ordered a couple of roast dinners too...

If you haven't visited The Lioness before, I really recommend it. It's one of the places that's really bringing Leith up in terms of 'places to be', and on a Sunday afternoon it was almost filled with couples and their kids or dogs. The decor is colourful and quirky, while managing to keep its sense of identity as a historic pub of the area. We found a sunny table in the window and waited eagerly to tuck in!


As roast dinners go, it definitely did the job. Lewis ordered the half roast chicken, while I opted for the roast lamb, both served with goose-fat roasted potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and 'Chef's Gravy'. Portion-wise, it wasn't the heftiest serving we've ever had, so perhaps not the one for if you're absolutely ravenous and/or hungover to shit. And if you're something of a squeamish carnivore, maybe don't order the half roast chicken - it actually looked like half a chicken, walking across the plate. I mean, it tasted delicious, but in terms of presentation it was quite strange to be served meat that looked so much like the animal it came from, if you know what I mean...


The lamb was beautifully cooked, pink and juicy, and the accompaniments were also very tasty - plus I was so happy to see a Yorkshire pudding on the plate. While the serving offered plenty of meat and veg, I could have done with a little more of everything else - more potatoes, and more gravy especially. A Sunday lunch shouldn't feel frugal when it comes to the portion size - I'm here to go all-out. 

In terms of price, I felt it was really reasonable; the chicken was £14, and the lamb was £15. I think it's pretty standard for pubs just outside of the city centre, and felt like an affordable option for something that we try to do a couple of times a month at least. In any case, I felt like it was a fair price to pay to have a sunny window seat in a great bar with a friendly atmosphere, and we'll definitely be back soon, although to try out the brunch option next time.

Have you visited The Lioness of Leith?