The Best Brunches in Edinburgh - Part One

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Brunch is, without a doubt, my favourite meal. The only issue I ever have is trying to choose between going flat-out and fabulous with a stack of pancakes and maple syrup, or attempting to be a little more grown-up with some kind of poached egg deliciousness. I'd like to start a movement to make brunch a two-course kind of situation - who's with me?

Since we've been in Edinburgh, we've gotten to know a few great places for a delicious brunch, no matter what you're looking for. I've rounded up my favourites so far below, but expect this list to be updated once I've made my way further around the city in future...

Foundry 39

This place is my failsafe option for a great brunch. If friends are coming over and want suggestions, this is the place I always pick. Easy to find, great interiors, never too busy - and most importantly, the food is good. They have a great offer, brunch and a Bloody Mary for £10, which I always plump for - try the sourdough toast loaded with poached eggs, bacon and avocado, and the Mediterranean Mary, which is made with olive tapenade and is just delicious. If you're looking for a brunch that's cheap, easy and delicious, I'd definitely recommend heading to Foundry 39.


We used to go to TriBeCa in Glasgow all the time, so when the New Town one opened up (and we moved within five minutes' walk of it), we knew we'd soon become regulars. I have found that it can sometimes be a little hit and miss with some of the menu options, but you can't go wrong with their pancakes or the French toast. Piled high with strawberries, chocolate chips and maple syrup (this is just my choice, but there's lots of options!), this is the kind of indulgent brunch that will see you right through til dinnertime. 


You may have already read my recent review of brunch at Tigerlily, so I'll just keep this one snappy. If you're having a celebratory brunch, or just fancy something a little more glitzy with the girls, then Tigerlily is the place to go. The food is actually really good and the menu is a little different to the usual brunch favourites, plus the surroundings are just so gorgeous, you can't fail to enjoy it!


Almost everywhere you turn, there's a Söderberg now! This is by no means a bad thing - their coffee/hot chocolate is delicious and the Scandinavian pastries are to die for. If you're not ravenous and just want a tasty pick-me-up over coffee and conversation, this is the place to choose. I love their authentic cinnamon buns (although the sugar fiend in me did miss the very inauthentic cream cheese icing I usually smother them with at home!) and the little Mazarin are just so delicious that one isn't nearly enough (it probably is). 

The Pantry

A Stockbridge staple, this place does a seriously good brunch. Yes, it is usually rammed with lovely middle-class families and their lovely, if not pretty bloody noisy, children, but if you can get a table, the food is worth it. I love their LA Eggs, and the marmalade-ham Eggs Benedict is definitely worth ordering too. Hit up here for a tasty brunch, and then you can take a slow wander through the Stockbridge Market too and get some more tasty treats - it's a win-win.

Optional Extra: The Skylark, Portobello

If you don't mind heading out of the city centre, or you're planning a day beside the seaside anyway, Portobello's Skylark is a cute brunch option. The menu isn't huge but their offering sure is tasty - fresh bread straight from the Twelve Triangles across the street, great coffee and huge windows to watch the world go by.

Where do you like to go for brunch?