The Blogs I Love To Read

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Like most of you, I'm sure, I am an avid blog reader. Usually I like to save up posts through the week and gorge myself on them on a Saturday morning over breakfast, it's one of my favourite treats. 

Over the years I've fallen in and out of love with many blogs, but that's the beauty of them I suppose: they change and develop just as we do. But I have my favourites, that I know I can rely on for beautiful writing (the most important thing for me!), gorgeous photography and general all-round, feel-good inspiration. So without further ado, I've linked to my five favourite blogs below - there's some you're sure to have heard of, and perhaps one or two that you haven't, but I hope you find the time to treat yourself to a proper binge of them all this weekend...

A Rosie Outlook

Rosie's blog is, for me, truly what a blog is all about. I have never met Rosie, but after years of reading her deeply personal and open blog, I almost feel as if I know her. Rosie is a wonderful writer, so articulate and emotive - her posts are incredibly honest, which is so refreshing. Her content isn't always the lightest, breeziest subject matter, but she writes about real life, and she writes about it beautifully. She manages to move seamlessly between hard and real writing, and dreamy, optimistic posts that really tug at your emotions. As a very private and guarded person, I admire her ability to be so open about her feelings and thoughts. I highly recommend you check out A Rosie Outlook; it's without a doubt one of my favourites.

Kate La Vie

I'm sure Kate needs no introduction; in fact, even if you've never read her blog, you'll undoubtedly have seen her gorgeous flat pop up in your Pinterest feed. Kate's been blogging for years and she's a seasoned pro, but unlike many professional bloggers, she still manages to make her posts feel real and relatable - they're never stiff and they never move too far away from her personality. Plus, her photography is so beautiful, and her vlogs are super natural and just so funny to watch - you really feel like you're in her little bubble with her and those adorable cats. I worked with Kate a few years ago and I think she's fantastic at really showcasing her personality; when you're perusing her content, whether that's her blog, vlogs or even her Instagram feed, you really feel like you could have a great time with her.

The Anna Edit

Another very popular choice here, The Anna Edit is one of my go-to blogs for fashion, beauty and interiors posts. Anna's style is friendly and funny, her photography is lovely and her writing is very knowledgable - for me, she comes across as the wise, stylish big sister-type. I trust her beauty recommendations, I love her interiors style, and her posts about her capsule wardrobe have nearly convinced me to try it myself (but then I remember I'm nothing but a maximalist when it comes to my closet...). 

What Olivia Did

I've been reading Olivia's fabulous fashion blog since the very beginning, when all of her OOTD posts were shot in the garden in front of the fence, or outside her front door, and even back then, her 60s-influenced style was a huge inspiration to me and my wardrobe. These days, however, Olivia's blog has morphed into a serious style haven, with the most gorgeous shoots worthy of a glossy magazine. Her writing is clear and friendly and funny, her style is inspirational yet not out of reach, and coming from the same part of London as Olivia, I feel that she's very relatable. She's recently purchased a house and now I'm getting hit with all of the interiors inspiration, as well as her influence on my wardrobe wishlist too...!


I adore Charlotte's blog. It's whimsical and wonderful, beautifully mixing the dreamlike with the very realistic. Especially since she welcomed her adorable daughter, Charlotte's blog is just that little bit of escapism that we all need sometimes. I highly recommend you switch off from a bad day with one of her gorgeous posts, or better still, follow her Instagram stories and let the darling little Olive cheer you up!

Have you read any of my favourites? Which blogs are your favourites?