The Style Stories Christmas Gift Guide 2017: For Him

Men. It's a cliche, but they are genuinely the hardest people to buy for. Dads, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, colleagues - whoever they are, you can guarantee they're the ones you're sweating it out over in the shops, debating what exactly it is you should be wrapping up.

But I'm on a mission to make your male shopping experience a much smoother journey this Christmas - so without further ado, here's my Christmas Gift Guide, for him...

the style stories christmas gift guide gifts for him

First up, it's an oldie but a goodie. Let him feel all Don Draper with a monogrammed cocktail tumbler - perfect whether he's a whisky man or just likes a good cocktail in his own glass. This gold-embossed one by Anthropologie (£14) would look beautiful on any bar cart or coffee table.

If he's been inspired by the Bake Off, or he just wants to be able to show off, a breadmaking course is an unusual but very useful gift. I've linked to the famous Bread Ahead ones in London here (priced around £80 depending on which course you choose) but there will be lots of options in your home town too. 

Show me a man with a beard, and I'll show you a man obsessed with how it looks. Give him the gift of great grooming with the luxurious Sailors Beard Oil by Haeckels (£34). It uses natural ingredients to nourish both skin and hair, to give him a beard to be proud of. 

A bottle of something dark and mysterious is a great gift, no matter the age or interests of your chosen man. If he's a whisky man, choose an old favourite or get a recommendation for something similar. If he's a gin man, there's millions of chic new brands to choose from. If he's a rum drinker, like the man in my life, Dark Matter rum (around £30) would make a very cool gift indeed. And then he'll inevitably want to make cocktails with it, so it's a win-win.

Vinyl's making a comeback, have you heard? Get him his favourite album on LP, or let him listen to something new, like Liam Gallagher's no.1 album As You Were (£19.99).

I don't care what you say, socks are always a good, solid gift and the ideal stocking-filler. Just get him cool ones, like these super stylish Paul Smith zigzag ones (£17).

Whether he's into grooming or not, every man needs to have a fantastic moisturiser in their arsenal. Things don't come much better than Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser (£16), which nourishes every skin type and keeps faces looking fresh and cared-for, even in the harshest, chilliest winters.

I love a good, stylish little stocking filler, and I couldn't resist including this snazzy pink velvet pocket square by ultra-chic menswear label Noose & Monkey. It's luxe-looking and very purse friendly too, at £14. Dreamy. 

Finally, I don't know a man who doesn't love travel in one form or another, so get him one (or a couple) of the fantastic Wallpaper City Guides (£6.95). These seriously detailed guide books highlight all the coolest places in cities across the world, and are updated annually to keep things fresh. Pick up one for his hometown, or for a city he's got a trip booked to visit. 

Hopefully this gift guide has given you some inspiration for the men in your life - come back next week for my guide to gifts for the home...