The Style Stories Christmas Gift Guide 2017: For The Home

I don't know about you, but in my friendship circle, more and more of us are now living in our own homes. Whether rented or purchased, the majority of us have flown the nest and have our own spaces to decorate and enjoy these days.

So, why not get them a gift for their homes? And I'm not talking about practical presents like toasters, pans or wooden spoons - Christmas is a time to treat your pals to the kind of gorgeous goodies they couldn't justify dropping the dollar on while they've got the mortgage to pay...

the style stories christmas gift guide gifts for the home

Even if they haven't got a bar cart yet, get them started on the journey with this lush cocktail tools set (£45), in beautiful brass, wood and resin. It's got everything they need, whatever their tipple - a double jigger, strainer, bottle opener and knife for lemons and limes and fancy pieces. Cocktails at theirs this Christmas!

Never trust anyone who doesn't adore Nigella. That's one of my rules in life. Give them the gift of easy to cook, enjoyable to make dishes with Nigella's At My Table (prices vary) - they will love it, and you can reap the benefits. 

This next suggestion is a very cheap and cheerful one for a couple; these super cute porcelain mugs are £12.99 for the pair, and are sure to make your recipients smile every time they pop the kettle on. 

Speaking of popping the kettle on, make coffee time for glamorous for your giftees with this totally gorgeous gold cafetiere (£35). I am utterly obsessed with it.

And of course, they can pop their super-cute cups of coffee on these super-chic marble and copper 'his and hers' coasters (£8 each). They add a touch of style to any coffee table and leave nobody in any doubt as to whose cuppa they're trying to pinch - plus, they're purchased separately so you can do hers and hers or his and his, depending on your recipients.

I don't know about you, but I have become fully obsessed with house plants. If your pals have suddenly gotten all green-fingered too, treat them to the bible of indoor gardening, 'How Not To Kill Your Plants' (£16.99) and prepare to listen to them whine at length about the leaves on their peace lily.

Everybody (aside from me) loves cheese. So this super chic copper and marble cheese board and knives set (£65) would make a lovely present that would be certain to pop out at the end of every dinner party. What do you mean, no one under the age of 40 has dinner parties? Well, they can sit on the sofa with it and stuff themselves silly with Camembert, at least they'll look semi-chic doing it.

Not many of us can afford a weekend at Soho House, but now you can give them a taste of the lifestyle, with the brand's bible 'Eat Drink Nap' (£30), covering all aspects of life, the Soho House way. 

Finally - and we're back on the booze for this one - everyone loves a little tipple at Christmas. Edinburgh Gin's Raspberry Gin Liqueur (£18) is seriously tasty and looks beautiful too, what's not to love?! 

All coupled out? Come back on Saturday for the fourth instalment in my gift guide series, the stocking fillers 101...