The Stylish Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Copy of Copy of style wishlist.png

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, £14.99 Urban Outfitters. Rag & Bone Pink Wool Scarf, £140 Selfridges. Olivia Burton Celestial Gold Watch, £105 Harvey Nichols. Alex Monroe Baby Bee Necklace, £150 Urban Outfitters. Satin & Lace Teddy, £35 Topshop.
Paris Scented Candle, £25
The Modern Botanist. Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio, £46 Harvey Nichols.

Practical Christmas presents totally have their place, but in my opinion, you probably shouldn’t buy them for someone unless they’ve specifically requested them. Yes, they might have mentioned their iron was a bit ropey, but does that necessarily mean they want to unwrap one on Christmas morning? I’m guessing not.

I love gifting Christmas presents that are a little bit frivolous, something purely for luxury and fun, that the recipient maybe couldn’t justify purchasing for themselves (especially if they need to go and buy a new iron). Makeup, candles, books and jewellery are all the kinds of gifts I would be so incredibly excited about and if I can, I love to gift these items to other people too.

My suggestions this year span from the very luxurious (necklaces, watches and high-end scarves don’t come especially cheap), to the thoughtful and thought-provoking (this Rupi Kaur poetry is just divine) and the indulgent (candles and silk pyjamas, what more could you want?). Hopefully my selection of gifts will give you some inspiration to treat a lady in your life to something that will make her smile this Christmas - she probably really deserves it.