The Stylish Christmas Guide: The Christmas Tree

Copy of style wishlist (1).png

Honeycomb, £12 John Lewis. Camera, £1.50 Primark. Eiffel Tower, £14 Anthropologie. Candyfloss Cart, £1.50 Primark. Mistletoe Wreath, £19.99 H&M. Doughnut, £1.50 Primark. Croissant, £18 Anthropologie. Rubber Duck, £4 ASOS. Prosecco Bottle, £2 Tesco.

When it comes to Christmas, all of my style sensibilities go out of the window. I love colour, kitsch and festive magic at every turn. As much as I’d love a sophisticated tree with a colour scheme, for me there’s nothing more fun than throwing literally everything at the tree and ending up with a riot of colour and sparkle.

One thing I’ve always tried to do since Lewis and I got together is to buy one special decoration each year, that commemorates something we’ve done that year. So we have London phone boxes from the year we moved down, a glittery Eiffel Tower to mark our favourite city, lots with our initials, and even a rubber duck not dissimilar to the one here, to mark our first Christmas together when we didn’t have any decorations, so I put the rubber ducks from the bathroom into the branches of the tree…

This year I’m on the hunt for a ring-shaped tree decoration to mark our engagement, and hopefully next year I can get a Mr & Mrs one too (the fun never stops, my tree will need to be 12ft high by the time I’m done…).

But my own personal stories aside, it’s easier than ever to add some kitsch to your Christmas tree. The high street has really cottoned on to those among us who like to have a tree with a bit of personality, and there’s a huge array of fun ornaments out there now. You can really throw your cash at it, with places like Anthropologie, but even Primark and Tesco are selling amazing decorations now for as little as £1.50. So there’s no excuse not to have a gloriously OTT tree this festive season!! I can’t wait to put mine up, counting down to December 1st…