We Bought A Flat!

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So, you might have noticed that things have been horrendously quiet around here for the last month or so - I extend my most sincere apologies. But I think I have a pretty good reason, which you probably already know (if you've read the title of this post, that is...).

So, yes - we bought a flat! If you remember this post, you'll recall that we were really struggling with househunting here in Edinburgh; everything that was nice was hugely oversubscribed (and therefore sold at massively OTT prices that we couldn't match) or really just not very nice at all. Nothing felt right and I was so close to giving up on the whole search - it had been three solid months of viewings every weekend and some nights after work too. In the end, we viewed 45 flats. Seriously.

The day before our new home came onto the market, we lost out on three properties in one go (the Scottish housebuying system means that things go to closing dates, and you can only bid on one property at a time. We had three that we loved and intended to bid on, but they all closed at the same time, meaning we could only go for one - and therefore lost all three when our bid was rejected!). I was pretty pissed off to say the least, and had started making enquiries about renting instead. And then Lewis showed me the link to this flat and convinced me we should see it that Saturday, and then if we didn't like it, we could just go and rent instead.

Of course we loved it - and somehow, when we made our bid on the Monday, it was immediately accepted. This place is far and away the best one that we viewed, in a location we never imagined we could afford, so it just goes to show that things really all do work out in the end.

And now we're here, having got the keys at the start of August. It's a one-bedroomed flat - we initially set out to get two bedrooms, which seems laughable now - right in the very heart of Edinburgh's historic and beautiful New Town. We had never dreamed we could live so centrally - Princes Street is literally five minutes from here. We are at the very top of the building, with no direct neighbours, and the most gorgeous view across the Firth of Forth and over to Fife. I'm sitting here writing this in the seat by the living room window, and the sky is blue and the view is beautiful, and it just feels like home.

This flat is everything we left London for. To be right in the middle of things, to have our own space and to feel like a real part of the city - for round about the same price we paid to live out in zone 4 of London. This one is worth every penny.

So my plan is to keep you up to date with our interiors adventures; currently the flat is painted almost entirely white (apart from one random-as burgundy wall in the hallway), with bare original floorboards - so there's not an awful lot to do in terms of decorating, it's more about giving the place some personality, freshening it up and making it look like the home we already feel that it is.

I'm so excited to share the next steps with you all. And to anyone stuck in the throes of a dismal househunt, take it from me - you can do this, and it will be so, so worth it!