Shopping List: Summer Sale Picks

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Summer Dress: H&M. Gingham Crop: River Island. Polka Dot Blouse: River Island.
Pink Midi Skirt: River Island. Pink Heels: H&M.

It happens every year; no matter how dedicated I am to not indulging in it, when the summer sales come around, I always end up parting with more cash than I intended. It's time to admit defeat and just enjoy all the fancy new clothes.

The sales have been pretty hit-and-miss for me this season, with failsafe stores not really bringing in the goods for me. However, stores that I wouldn't usually consider have come up roses, offering some real gems that I couldn't help but add to my wardrobe. A few of them are included above - all of those little bits from River Island are currently hanging in my closet, and River Island is never somewhere I'd usually make a beeline for. It just goes to show, you can't rule anything out when it comes to sale season!

It's pretty clear to see that my summer palette is revolving around pastels and feminine shapes, with a dash of darkness to keep things grown-up. Pale blue isn't a colour I have too much of in my wardrobe - hardly any in fact - and it's not a colour I'd usually be drawn to, but I couldn't resist this beautiful frilled summer dress from H&M. It's so classic, so elegant and so unashamedly girlie! It also comes in black, which I'm deliberating as a more wearable option, but for £30 each, you could probably afford to pick up both. Two untapped trends combine for me in this blue gingham cropped top - again, it's just so pretty, and this has a really fresh, Fifties feel about it that I just love. Paired with high-waisted culottes or a midi, I think this would make a super cute summer outfit, flashing just enough flesh to stay on the right side of the line.

The polka-dot blouse was an unexpected addition to my wardrobe; I'd actually been eyeing up its much more flamboyant pink sister, but I decided I liked it more as an art piece than something I'd actually feel comfortable wearing! This black option feels far more wearable; the dark colour tones down the oversized ruffle sleeves and the sheer fabric ensures it could be worn for day or night. It also replaces a similar ancient Topshop blouse that I've been clinging on to since circa 2011, so that can't be a bad thing.

Strictly speaking, I don't need another pink midi skirt. It's the kind of thing that you only need one of in your wardrobe, and that space is filled by a blush Zara tulle number that Lewis picked up for my birthday last year (he knows me so well!). But this tiered number feels far more daytime-appropriate than my tutu, and in my head I'm pairing it with white tees and Stan Smiths - pretty but cool, not too dressy. Cute right?

I haven't bought these pink H&M glove shoes, but I would really like to - that colour is delicious. But one thing I definitely have more than enough of in my wardrobe is shoes, so I just thought I'd be the good Samaritan and share them with you lovely readers instead. I know, I know, I'm too good to you. Run forth and buy the fancy pink shoes!

Have you picked anything up in the summer sales?