Stylish Ideas for NYE

I know that New Year's Eve is both loved and hated in equal measure, thanks to it being both the most hyped night out of the year, but also the most difficult to organise. Expectations are so high and we're all told so frequently that we're going to have the most amazing time, that the real thing can often fall flat. After all, there's no buzzkill quite like spending the early hours of January 1 walking home in the snow after failing to find a taxi, slowly sobering up as your toes turn to ice.

In recent years, we've settled on the generally failsafe theme of a house party with friends. Everyone we love, all in one room, with plenty of champagne, beer pong, snacks, and Jackie Bird on the BBC five minutes before midnight to help us ring in the bells (it's tradition, don't @ me).

But if your plans for Hogmanay aren't quite set in stone yet, I've come up with some super-stylish ideas for both your evening, and your outfit to go along with it. I hope you have a magical evening and make memories to cherish well into the New Year and beyond...!


the style stories winter outfit ideas

Ice skating outdoors, then warm up with a hot chocolate
Whether you're at Somerset House or St Andrew Square, outdoor ice rinks pop up all over the place when the festive season comes around. And what could be more cheering than spending the evening on the ice, before warming up with a velvety (possibly boozy) hot chocolate to cheer in the new year? Wrap up cosy in this winter-white padded jacket, and you can keep the rest of the look simple with black skinnies, cable knit mittens to keep those hands toasty, matching socks peeping out over your skates, and a colourful bobble hat to finish off.


Champagne at a fancy bar
This is certainly the fancy option, but realistically, it's the best night of the year for it. Enjoy bubbles somewhere super-special this NYE - whether that's your favourite hotel or an institution in your hometown, if you choose to go all-out, make the most of it and wear something extra-special. Just think of the photographs, darling! A glitzy maxi dress is an easy option, paired with chic (and comfy!) platform sandals, sparkling stacking rings, chandelier earrings and an embellished clutch - this firework-adorned one is just perfect for NYE!


Midnight picnic watching the fireworks
A chilly option, but a very romantic one. If we were staying in Edinburgh for Hogmanay this year, I'd be very tempted to skip the chaos of the city centre and head up to Calton Hill with flasks of hot tea, warm snacks, champagne and hot water bottles, to watch the fireworks from a vantage point and just be together when the bells chime. This is an option that is low-key but could be especially lovely, particularly if you're well wrapped-up and feeling snug, even in the great outdoors. Choose a chic but super-cosy padded parka, along with a chunky knitted jumper to make sure you keep the chills at bay. Waterproof leather leggings are a great idea for staying outdoors, along with thigh-high boots for a casual-chic look. Skip the picnic basket and keep your food in a stylish rucksack, and finish off with a cashmere hat, matching scarf and fingerless gloves - so you can keep warm and keep eating!

the style stories houseparty ideas

House party
My New Year's plan du jour. House parties are basically stress-free (for those attending, not the host!). Location, sorted. Accommodation, sorted. Just BYOB and you're on your way! House parties are also flexible on dress code, so you can go as fancy or as casual as you please - just check with the host first, of course. I like the idea of a simple white tee and black jeans combo, dressed up with a trophy jacket and tasselled earrings. Keep accessories simple with jazzy but low-heeled shoes, and a practical but pretty handbag.

the style stories dinner ideas

Dinner with friends
Another flexible one, this could be a casual, cosy feast at home (think Domino's, BYOB and party games while you're all curled up on the sofas) or a fancier affair, with candles, flowers and a three-course extravaganza. I personally think you can never be too overdressed, as long as you're comfortable, so I've suggested an outfit that combines comfort with style (and room for overeating, naturellement.) A sequin shift dress sums it up for me - all the style but super comfortable too. Keep it on the level with a leather biker jacket and embellished ankle boots, finished off with a simple quilted black handbag and layered necklaces.


A night in the pub
Pretty self-explanatory. A great night in your local only needs this one wardrobe mantra: comfy and cool. Choose something sparkly or something in plush velvet to look like you've made an A-grade effort without overdoing the situation, like this gorgeous black jumpsuit - easy to wear, comfy and looks fantastic too. Pair it with glittery heels and a sleek handbag, and finish off with colourful earrings and a cosy faux-fur coat.

What will you be doing this New Year?