The New Purchases I've Added to My AW18 Wardrobe

style wishlist (3).png

Earlier this year, I wrote about how I was working to ‘shop from my own wardrobe’ in a bid to cut down on shopping and spending whilst we’re saving for the wedding. Ultimately, I’ve been doing pretty well and over the last few months, have drastically reduced the frequency of my shopping, instead working to create new looks and combinations from pieces already in my wardrobe.

However, I am a realist, and I knew that even with some good groundwork going on in my wardrobe, I needed to make some additions if I wanted to get through the winter wearing more than endless jeans-and-jumper combos. Last winter, I felt like all I wore was different versions of the same outfit, and I felt dull and drab, so this year, I promised myself that I would bring in some new additions to my cold-weather closet to keep things fresh - even if that meant breaking the spending ban.

I’ve done quite well, and although it looks like a lot, the majority of these items came from shopping in the sales or with gift vouchers I’ve been stashing away, so the actual outlay wasn’t very high - to the relief of my bank balance.

Before I hit the high street, I thought about those items that I felt my winter wardrobe was missing, and it boiled down to those statement items that could be worn for work or on the weekends, and those basics that would enable me to get more use out of some of my more summery pieces. I wanted items to fit the genre of style I like: 60s, a little bit Parisian, retro chic but without looking like fancy dress. And here’s what I found…

After seeing this snap of French singer Louise Verneuil, I decided that my wardrobe was really missing a pink skirt. I’ve been lusting after pink corduroy lots over the last few months, so a corduroy skirt was the obvious option, and Primark had a gorgeous button-up one in dusky pink for just £8. It looks great with black tights, ankle boots and jumpers, and I’ll definitely attempt to wear it a la Louise with bare legs and loafers once the Spring rolls around again.

I also picked up a leopard print skirt, again from Primark for only £8, which reminded me of this one that Alexa Chung wore a few years back. I love how it looks with dark jumpers, in blacks and greys, but I’m feeling inspired to be brave and try it with a lemon sherbert jumper like Alexa’s too. I find that statement skirts are an easy way to pep up a simple outfit and create a chic but warm look (imperative in Edinburgh!) that’s really quick to put together.

In my last wishlist post, I mentioned that I’d fallen for a grey cardigan by Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo, but then I started leaning more towards a suits-all black cardigan instead, and once again, Primark came out on top for me, with a fabulous chunky black cardigan that’s just on the right side of oversized. I think cardigans in this style are a must for winter; it means I can wear my t-shirts with jeans and ankle boots, but it also makes lots of my dresses appropriate for winter time too.

Until it gets so cold that I just want to wear my thigh-highs every day, I love a pair of ankle boots. And whilst I adore my faux-suede pointed boots from ASOS, they just can’t handle the rain when it comes, and I end up grumpy with sopping wet feet. So I grabbed this pair of faux leather ankle boots from Primark, which will work well with my jeans, skirts and dresses, right up until the snow and ice eventually set in.

My final treat to my AW18 wardrobe? A printed midi dress from Zara, which gives me serious 70s Stevie Nicks vibes. This is such a versatile piece for me; so far I’ve been wearing it with tights and ankle boots as it’s been a little chilly, and I’ve also layered it up with the chunky black cardigan. But once spring rolls around, I know this will look fab with bare legs, ankle boots and a leather jacket too - it’s definitely a piece to see me through the seasons!

What have you been adding to your winter wardrobe?