The Style Stories: The Black Velvet Suit

the style stories lotd black velvet suit

Suit: LOTD*. Top: Topshop. Belt: Vintage. Bag: H&M (sold out but similar here). Shoes: ASOS.

There's something so, so cool about a girl in a suit. So cool, in fact, that it's taken me until 26 years of age to be brave enough to try it out. Spoiler alert: I loved it.

This particular suit is exactly what I'd been daydreaming about: black velvet, slim fitting and totally sleek and simple, with no added fuss. When LOTD got in touch and asked me to pick an outfit from their huge collection, it didn't take me long to fall in lust with it and decide that this was my now-or-never moment to finally try out something that has been lurking on my fashion bucket list for years.

I love an outfit that takes seconds to pull together but looks like you've really made the effort, and this suit ticks that box for me. In these snaps, I've paired with an old Topshop camisole pulled from the depths of my wardrobe, along with a vintage belt and my favourite ASOS platforms for a bit of 70s flair. I feel like a Haim sister on a night out, and that can't be a bad thing.

the style stories black velvet suit lotd

The thing about wearing a suit - particularly if you're usually quite a feminine dresser, like me - is that it can seem really daunting. It's androgynous, for one thing, which can be tricky to master. But it also feels like you're really making a statement with your outfit, and that can take a little getting used to. But the idea of the suit was much scarier than the wearing of it. 

My advice? Choose accessories that you love, and keep it simple - don't try anything else that's going to make you feel uncomfortable. For this shoot (which we dashed out for and then got caught in the snow!), I chose a pair of shoes that I feel good in, and hair/makeup that I'm comfortable sporting - as soon as you look uncomfortable, you stop looking stylish. Confidence is key with whatever you're wearing, and this is especially true if you're trying something new. 

the style stories lotd

I really wasn't sure about how I'd feel trying out something which felt so androgynous, and so sexy, but I actually am a full convert to the suit. I wore this exact outfit to a show just before Christmas and I felt comfortable and confident, which is always what I'm looking for in any outfit. I promised myself that I would be a little braver with my outfit decisions and I'm so glad I did - I can definitely see this suit, and its separate components, becoming much more of a staple in my style arsenal than I'd previously thought.

If you fancy trying out a chic black velvet suit too, you can shop my exact picks with LOTD - here for the blazer, and here for the trousers.