The Style Stories: The Red Cardigan

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Cardigan: ASOS. Tshirt: FITE. Trousers: Primark. Bag: H&M (old, similar here). Boots: Primark.

When it gets to Autumn, all I want to do is snuggle up in cosy jumpers and blankets - but when you run a style blog, and work in fashion, it's not exactly an option for the everyday. So what I look for in my winter wardrobe is those elusive pieces that look cool, but feel as warm and cosy as slipping back into bed on a Sunday morning. And in this exceptionally cosy cardigan, I think I've found The One.

Back in the day (read: in my indie kid days), I was very heavily into the concept of The Cardigan. Thin knit, chunky knit; cropped, snug or oversized; buttoned up, loose and belted - whatever it was, I wanted to wear it. Then in the last few years, I've backed away from this particular style of knitwear, instead opting for snuggly jumpers wherever possible. It felt a little granny-ish and very uncool all of a sudden, wearing a cardi - somehow not very me.

But then I saw this cardigan being worn by one of the lovely girls at the Nikki Tibbles x Bloom & Wild event, and I knew I had to have it. Soft, slouchy, oversized without being baggy, and in the most gorgeous shade of red - it adds exactly the right mix of laidback and statement, in one easy to wear piece. It allows me to wear it with other pieces in a way that a jumper doesn't.

If you're struggling with ways to add colour to your wardrobe, I'd definitely recommend trying out some red pieces - it suits blondes and brunettes, and there's so many variations that you'll easily find a shade to suit your complexion. Red isn't an outlandish colour, but it's bold, it's stylish - it says confidence, but it doesn't need to yell it.

Since the cardigan arrived, I've barely been able to consider an outfit where it doesn't feature. It works best with simple style staples, like black jeans or leather leggings, ankle boots and a sleek white tee. I'm wearing a personalised FITE tee in this post - a luxury LA t-shirt brand that's launching to the UK in December. They're beautifully cut, perfectly sheer, super soft and just so easy to throw on, ticking every box for me.

I can absolutely see this outfit becoming one of my most-worn this season, as it's so comfy but looks pulled-together and, dare I say it, actually pretty cool. What more could you want from your winter wardrobe?