Thrills & Frills


(Blouse: Zara (old, but similar here). Culottes: Nobody's Child.
Bag: Accessorize. Trainers: Adidas)

At the start of 2017, I promised to myself that I'd start having fun with fashion again. I'd fallen into a trap of wearing the same four or five outfits on repeat, and it was getting so boring. Say it with me ladies - jeans and jumpers are dull. DULL.

So this Spring, I've really been having fun playing about with my wardrobe, sourcing pieces I would have been a little scared of a year ago, and today's outfit is a great example. Frills, ruffles, a crop top and culottes - who'd've thought it?!

I picked up these culottes last week; I've been looking for some trousers that aren't jeans, to add some extra style to everyday outfits. I love navy (I don't actually have enough navy pieces in my wardrobe) as it always looks fresh, plus the polka dots and frilled hem are so cute. I love the fit of these and can definitely see myself getting a huge amount of wear out of them all Summer.

This ruffled cropped blouse from Zara is almost a hilarious purchase; I actually bought it online last year after lusting after it for months, and then I returned it almost instantly - it just felt too 'out there' for 2016 me. A few months ago I spied an image of it in an article and instantly decided I *had* to have it, all over again. Cue a few weeks of feverish hunting on eBay and Depop, until it was in my clutches again - and this time I won't be returning it. It's so comfy and instantly elevates basic staples - usually I wear it with a simple black or silver midi skirt, but I knew it would be a perfect pairing with my new culottes.

Paired with my ubiquitous Stan Smiths (seriously, I really need to get a different pair of trainers and switch things up around here) and a small black leather bag, this turned out to be the ideal outfit for strolling around Stockbridge on a hot, sticky kind of Sunday - comfy and cool, the perfect combination. 

Would you wear this outfit?